Zombie counterpart
From left to right: "Clown Zombie", "Dragon Zombie" and "Armored Zombie", with "Pumpking the King of Ghosts" in the back.

  • アンデット
  • Andetto (romanized)
  • Undead (translated)

Anime appearances

Manga appearances

Zombie counterparts are a series of Zombie-Type monsters identified by having an existing non Zombie-Type counterpart.

Zombie counterparts sometimes have effects similar to those of their counterparts but worked to go with the theme of manipulating Zombie monsters you own or control, typically either summoning them, sending them to the Graveyard, or banishing them out of the Graveyard to trigger effects.


"Call of the Haunted"

In the manga and anime, "Call of the Haunted" was used to revive monsters in the Graveyard as Zombies. This would Summon them as decayed versions of their former selves, which would continue to revive each time they were destroyed (unless these monsters had 0 ATK). As they could only fight on instinct, they had 0 DEF.

When released in the OCG and TCG, the counterparts were Normal Monsters, two Levels lower than their original counterparts and with no connection to "Call of the Haunted".

Original Zombie
Image Name ATK DEF Image Name ATK DEF
Zanki-TF04-JP-VG "Zanki"
1500 1700 ArmoredZombie-TF04-JP-VG "Armored Zombie"
1500 0
CrawlingDragon-TF04-JP-VG "Crawling Dragon"
1600 1400 DragonZombie-TF04-JP-VG "Dragon Zombie"
1600 0
CrassClown-TF04-JP-VG "Crass Clown"
1350 1400 ClownZombie-TF04-JP-VG "Clown Zombie"
1350 0

"Plaguespreader Zombie"

The card "Plaguespreader Zombie" can be used to Summon Synchro Monsters, which are undead versions of other cards, with the same Level, ATK, DEF (with exception of "Revived King Ha Des") and Attribute.

Original Zombie
Image Name ATK DEF Image Name ATK DEF
SummonedSkull-TF04-JP-VG Summoned Skull 2500 1200 ArchfiendZombieSkull-TF04-JP-VG Archfiend Zombie-Skull 2500 1200
ChthonianEmperorDragon-TF04-JP-VG Chthonian Emperor Dragon 2400 1500 DoomkaiserDragon-TF04-JP-VG Doomkaiser Dragon 2400 1500
DarkRulerHaDes-TF04-JP-VG Dark Ruler Ha Des 2450 1600 RevivedKingHaDes-TF04-JP-VG Revived King Ha Des 2450 0


Original Zombie
Image Name ATK DEF Image Name ATK DEF
HardsellinGoblin-TF04-JP-VG Hard-sellin' Goblin N/A N/A HardsellinZombie-TF04-JP-VG Hard-sellin' Zombie N/A N/A
MajesticMechOhka-TF04-JP-VG Majestic Mech - Ohka 2400 1400 MalevolentMechGokuEn-TF04-JP-VG Malevolent Mech - Goku En 2400 1400
PaladinofWhiteDragon-TF04-JP-VG Paladin of White Dragon 1900 1200 PaladinoftheCursedDragon-TF04-JP-VG Paladin of the Cursed Dragon 1900 1200
RedEyesDarknessDragon-TF04-JP-VG Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon 2400 2000 RedEyesZombieDragon-TF04-JP-VG Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon 2400 2000
RobbinGoblin-TF04-JP-VG Robbin' Goblin N/A N/A RobbinZombie-TF04-JP-VG Robbin' Zombie N/A N/A
PrioroftheIceBarrier-TF06-JP-VG Prior of the Ice Barrier 1000 400 SacredSpiritoftheIceBarrier-TF05-JP-VG Sacred Spirit of the Ice Barrier 1600 1200
Scapegoat-GX02-JP-VG Scapegoat N/A N/A Scapeghost1-TDIL-JP-OP Scapeghost 0 0
UltimateTyranno-TF04-JP-VG Ultimate Tyranno 3000 2200 Skelesaurus-Art Skelesaurus 1700 1400

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