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"Warrior of Zera".

Anime appearances

Zera is a small series that tells the saga of the "Warrior of Zera", who has three different destinies. The first one is finding "The Sanctuary in the Sky", becoming a herald and eventually an Archlord. However, he turns against the "Sanctuary" as a "Darklord", "Darklord Zerato". The second path is him discovering "Pandemonium" and being tempted by the "Archfiends" to become a powerful monster. Finally, he becomes worshiped as a god ("Zera the Mant"), again becoming a Fiend. A related monster is "Ryu-Kishin Powered". Its role is a mystery (though it looks somewhat similar to "Zera the Mant", and is a Fiend), although in some video games, it's required as a Tribute for "Zera Ritual".

An idea for a Zera Deck would include cards like:

For a DARK themed Zera Deck:

For a LIGHT themed Zera Deck:

For a Ritual themed Zera Deck:

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