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Manga Yuto
  • Yuto
  • Male
  • Duelist
Manga Deck

Phantom Knights

Manga debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Scale 1: "The Name is Phantom!"

Appears in
Yuto (manga)

Yuto is a secondary protagonist in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga. He shares a body with Yuya Sakaki, Yugo, and Yuri due to currently unknown circumstances. He is able to communicate with him mentally or simply switch who is in control.



Yuzu and Yuto manga 7-1

Yuto and Yuzu in their business suits.

Yuto's physical appearance is similar to his anime counterpart's. His hair is close to a palette swap of Yuya's, black in the back with light purple in the front.

Yuto wears his outfit from the anime; a collared shirt, dark pants and shoes, and a tie around his neck in addition studded collars around his neck and wrists. He still sports the same, albeit not tattered, black coat in as his anime counterpart while in Yuya's mind. However like all of Yuya's personas, while taking over his body or presenting himself outside of his mind, he wears Yuya's white coat as a cape, in this case wearing it in place of his original coat.

In the first chapter, like his first appearance in the anime, he conceals his identity behind goggles and a military mask and wears the hood of his coat. During his and Yuzu's infiltration of the Leo Corporation he wears a suit and spectacles.


Yuto' personality is much the same as his anime counterpart. He is a more serious and cautious person, contrasting with Yuya, and he often argues with him for his reckless actions. He is not above appreciating compliments however; Yuya complimenting Yuto on wearing a suit fed his ego and pacified his worrying to a degree. Unlike the original Yuto, this Yuto refers to himself as "私" (Watashi).


In the anime, Yūto's name in romaji is written as "Ute", which is pronounced as "Yūto" in Japanese. Yūto has many definitions depending on the kanji used. For example: 優 (Yū) means "Gentleness" and "Superiority", 悠 (Yū) means "Distant" and "Leisurely". The last syllable 人 (To) means person, 翔 (To) means to "Soar" or "Fly". For this character, his name is written in Katakana, so it has no actual meaning.


Just like Yuya, Yuto has the ability to manipulate Solid Vision technology at will, though limited than Yuya does. He himself is also a skilled hacker, able to easily unlock LC security system. Due to the unknown connection between Yuto and Yuya, Yuto has the ability to appear and manifest as a spirit that only Yuya can see and hear.       


Yuto and a boy manga1

Yuto meets a crying boy.

Yuto was first seen questioning a crying child, who explained that they had missed the Leo Corporation Tournament, although they wanted to see a real monster. Yuya told Yuto that they couldn't leave a crying child be and said it's time for his appearance. Yuto protested, not wanting to be discovered. However, Yuya replied that they would manage it somehow and took over his body, Summoning "Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon" to entertain the child, which accidentally allowed Leo Corporation to detect them.

Yuto and Yuya 052

Yuto within Yuya.

Yuto was later seen running over the rooftops of the city's skyscrapers, trying to avoid the Leo Corporation special squad while chiding Yuya for drawing their attention. Cornered by Shingo Sawatari, he revealed his appearance and boldly stated that he was not the "Yuya Sakaki" they were looking for, but is willing to accept the challenge to Duel if they wished, much to the shock of his pursuers.[1] He then confidently Dueled Shingo, doing well at first and Xyz Summoning his "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", surprising the LID pursuers that he didn't use Pendulum Summon. Despite doing well with "Dark Rebellion", he was pushed into a corner when Shingo used "Erebus the Netherworld Monarch" and an Action Card to clear away "Dark Rebellion" and reduce Yuto's Life Points to 200. Yuya then came in and took over the Duel, claiming that Yuto's opponent was a bad match-up for him.[2]

Yuto and Sora manga 7-1

Yuto being conforted by Sora.

At some point, Yugo ask Yuto to cover for him and Yuri for they're traveling in Yuya's mind. During Yuya's Duel against Shun Kurosaki and Sora Shiunin, Yuto watched the duel beside Yuya, ready to cover for him if he is in vain.

Yuto and Yuri manga 11

Yuto and Yuri discussing about Yuya.

After they reached Yuya's hideout following the duel with Sora, Yuto, Yugo and Yuri manifest out of Yuya to discuss Yuya's condition with Yuto halting arguments between Yugo and Yuri. But the three then noticed that someone is accessing Yuya's mind via his Duel Disc, Yuto telling his counterparts they need to get Yuya's Disk off him. But the hacking is half way done and the only recourse they have is entering Yuya's mind and intercept the hacker. Yugo offered to do the honor, turning down Yuto's offer to accompany him as he is "too loud and annoying". During the Duel, Yuto was worried about Yugo's opponent, Ren, but Yuri assured him Yugo was a talented Turbo Duelist and would soon catch up to him. Once Yugo's duel with Ren concludes, Yuto and Yuri join their counterpart as they quickly destroy a certain resurfacing memory they do not want Yuya to remember.

Soon after, while Yugo rests, Yuto and Yuri help catch Yuya up on what occurred while he was out and speculate on Ren being part of a third faction seeking the Adam Factor they apparently possess. When Yuya learns Reiji found their hide, Yuto and Yuri agree to disappear for a bit so Yuya can have a private discussion with Declan and quickly return to aid him in the duel that followed before Ren appear and their hideout collapsed from the strain of the duel. Soon after going off the grid, Yuya undergoes a training regime his incarnations place him through to hone their dueling skills due to the Adam Factor disrupting their connection.


Yuya Sakaki

Yuto and Yuya's differing personalities and stark experiences, combined with their similar ideals, make them each other's foils. Their history prior to sharing a body is unknown at the time save the two knew each other. At times, Yuto would tend to scold Yuya whenever he does something that puts them at risk like cheering up a kid while they are being hunted down by Leo Corp agents. But Yuto tends to keep some secrets from Yuya where his memories are concerned, including their counterparts' activities or Yuzu resembling someone they knew from their time.

Yugo and Yuri

Like with Yuya, Yuto tends to treat Yugo and Yuri as little brothers much to the former's distaste as Yugo sees Yuto as "too loud and annoying".

Yuzu Hiragi

Yuzu is the first person Yuto met since arriving to her timeline who was not with Leo Corp and became one of Yuya's closest friends, though she assumed he was some sort of comedy act Yuya made up. He also protective of Yuzu, scolding Yuya for getting her and her father caught up in their troubles. When he and Yuzu infiltrated the Physical Information System Company, feeling uncomfortable in his guise an employee, Yuto got a confidence boost from Yuzu commenting on how well he look in his disguise. But Yuto admits to Yugo and Yuri that Yuzu vaguely resembles someone from their past.

Reiji Akaba

Before physically meeting, Reiji was the one who realized Yuto's presence during the hunt for Yuya was no coincidence and gave Shingo orders to capture him.

Shingo Sawatari

Yuto first met Shingo when he was forcefully took control of Yuya's body in an attempt to misdirect Shingo while challenging him to a duel. But Reiji gave Shingo orders to capture Yuto as a possible accomplice to Yuya, allowing Shingo to overwhelm Yuto until Yuya was allowed to use his body again to finish the duel in their favor.


Yuto and Dark Rebellion manga-2

Yuto and "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon".

Yuto uses a "Phantom Knights" Deck. Much like his anime counterpart, it focuses on Xyz Summoning "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon". However, in the manga, Yuto uses mostly Trap Monsters with special activation conditions, like "Phantom Knights Dark Gauntlet", which can be activated from the hand, and "Phantom Knights Shade Brigandine", which can be activated the turn it is Set. These Trap Monsters allow Yuto to protect his field while easily gathering Xyz Materials.

Like other of his personas, his deck in influenced by Yuya and their deck influenced him too, with Yuto having cards such as "Pendulum Xyz", and with his "Dark Anthelion Dragon" evolving to a Pendulum Monster.

Image Information
DarkAnthelionDragon-EN-Manga-AV-CA.png Dark Anthelion Dragon (ダーク・アンセリオン・ドラゴン Dāku Anserion Doragon)
7 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
DarkRebellionXyzDragon-EN-Manga-AV-CA.png Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon (ダーク・リベリオン・エクシーズ・ドラゴン Dāku Riberion Ekushīzu Doragon)
4 ☆☆☆☆
PendulumXyz-EN-Manga-AV-CA.png Pendulum Xyz (ペンデュラム・エクシーズ Pendyuramu Ekushīzu)
Card type
Spell Card
Phantom Knights Dark Gauntlet (幻影騎士団ファントム・ナイツダーク・ガントレット Fantomu Naitsu Dāku Gantoretto)
Card type
Trap Card
Phantom Knights Shade Brigandine (幻影騎士団ファントム・ナイツシェード・ブリガンダイン Fantomu Naitsu Shēdo Burigandain)
Card type
Trap Card
Phantom Knights Shade Brigandine (幻影騎士団ファントム・ナイツシェード・ブリガンダイン Fantomu Naitsu Shēdo Burigandain)
Card type
Trap Card
ThePhantomKnightsofTombShield-EN-Manga-AV-CA.png Phantom Knights Tomb Shield (幻影騎士団ファントム・ナイツトゥーム・シールド Fantomu Naitsu Tūmu Shīrudo)
Card type
Trap Card


Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Shingo Sawatari 2-3 Win (with Yuya Sakaki)
Reiji Akaba 15-18 No result (with Yuya and Yuri)


  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Scale 1: "The Name is Phantom!"
  2. Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Scale 2: "Yuto vs. Sawatari!"

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