Yusei and Trudge's factory Duel

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Yusei and Trudge's factory Duel
5Dx001 Yusei faces Montage Dragon
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1: ""On Your Mark, Get Set, DUEL!""

Yusei and Trudge's factory Duel was a Turbo Duel between Yusei Fudo and Tetsu Trudge, which took place in an abandoned factory, in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime.


Prior events

Sector Security arrived outside Yusei's hideout in search of Rally Dawson, who had stolen a Duel Runner chip. Yusei helped Rally escape by jamming the signal from Rally's criminal mark using his laptop. He then rode out on his Duel Runner to use himself as a decoy, while Rally and his friends ran.

Securities, including Tetsu Trudge chased and confronted Yusei. Trudge realized that Yusei was just a decoy, since he didn't have a criminal mark. However Yusei's involvement in Rally's escape was a crime and he suspected Yusei stole his Duel Runner. Yusei challenged Trudge to a Turbo Duel, in which the events of that night would be forgotten if Yusei won. Trudge disregarded the advice of another security and accepted the Duel.

The Duel

Trudge's turn

Trudge Normal Summoned "Assault Dog" (ATK: 1200) and Set a card.

Yusei's turn

Trudge and Yusei's SPC increased to 1.

Yusei's hand contained "Scrap-Iron Scarecrow", "Sonic Chick", "Equip Shot", "Speed Spell - Vision Wind" and "Backup Soldier". He then drew "Speed Warrior".

Yusei Normal Summoned "Speed Warrior" (ATK: 900)

In the Battle Phase, the ATK of "Speed Warrior" doubled (ATK: 900 → 1800). "Speed Warrior" attacked and destroyed "Assault Dog" (Trudge: 4000 → 3400 Life Points) The effect of "Assault Dog" activated and Trudge Special Summoned another "Assault Dog" from his Deck.

Yusei Set "Scrap-Iron Scarecrow" in his Spell & Trap Card Zone.

Trudge's turn

Trudge and Yusei's SPC increased to 2.

Trudge Released "Assault Dog" to Summon "Handcuffs Dragon" (ATK: 1800).

"Handcuffs Dragon" attacked "Speed Warrior", but Yusei activated "Scrap-Iron Scarecrow" to negate the attack. However Trudge chained "Wiretap" to negate the effect of "Scrap-Iron Scarecrow" and returned it to Yusei's Deck. "Speed Warrior" then got destroyed by battle (Yusei: 4000 → 3100 Life Points).

Yusei's turn

Trudge and Yusei's SPC increased to 3.

Yusei drew "Graceful Revival".

Yusei Summoned "Sonic Chick" in Defense Mode (DEF: 300).

Yusei Set "Equip Shot" and "Graceful Revival" in the Spell & Trap Card Zone.

Trudge's turn

Trudge and Yusei's SPC increased to 4.

Trudge discarded "Assault Dog", "Guard Dog" and "Tactical Espionage Expert" to Special Summon "Montage Dragon" (ATK: (3 + 4 + 3) x 300 = 3000).

"Handcuffs Dragon" attacked and destroyed "Sonic Chick" and "Montage Dragon" attacked Yusei directly. (Yusei: 3100 → 100 Life Points, 4 → 3 SPC)

Yusei's turn

Trudge and Yusei's SPC increased to 5 and 2 respectively.

Yusei's drew "Junk Synchron".

Yusei Normal Summoned "Junk Synchron" (ATK: 1300) and activated "Graceful Revival" to Special Summon "Speed Warrior" (ATK: 900) from his Graveyard. Yusei sent "Junk Synchron" (Level: 3) and "Speed Warrior" (Level: 2) to the Graveyard to Synchro Summon "Junk Warrior "(Level: 5, ATK: 2300).

Yusei activated "Speed Spell - Vision Wind" to Special Summon "Speed Warrior" (ATK: 900) from his Graveyard. The ATK of "Junk Warrior" increase by that of "Speed Warrior" (ATK: 2300 → 3200).

"Junk Warrior" attacked and destroyed "Handcuffs Dragon" (Trudge: 3400 → 2000 Life Points, 5 → 1 SPC). "Handcuffs Dragon" became an Equip Card equipped to "Junk Warrior" (ATK: 3200 → 1400).

Yusei activated "Equip Shot" to equip "Handcuffs Dragon" to "Montage Dragon" instead (ATK: 3000 → 1200), and forced "Junk Warrior" and "Montage Dragon" to battle. "Montage Dragon" was destroyed, causing Trudge to lose the Duel (Trudge: 2000 → 0 Life Points).


Keeping his word, Trudge didn't arrest Rally or Yusei for their crimes that night, but still vowed to crush Yusei.


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