5Dx003 Nitro Warrior VS Goyo Guardian

Yusei dueling Trudge in the pipeline during his escape.

Yusei's escape from Satellite was an event in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime, in which Yusei Fudo attempted to briefly leave Satellite, in order to meet Jack Atlas in New Domino City and reclaim items Jack had stolen.


Jack had previously stolen Yusei's first Duel Runner and "Stardust Dragon" card before leaving to New Domino City. The items were of sentimental value to Yusei, who considered them to represent the bonds between him and his friends.[1]

Two years later, Yusei constructed a new Duel Runner, Yusei Go, and composed a plan to leave Satellite and confront Jack. He promised his friends Rally, Nervin, Tank and Blitz that he would return after retrieving their "bonds". The waste pipeline connecting Satellite to New Domino was closed once a month for three minutes during which maintenance was carried out. In the days coming up to the scheduled maintenance, Yusei worked on his Duel Runner and made sure it could cover the necessary distance in three minutes.[1] Before Yusei left, Rally gave him the card "Turbo Booster", which Yusei temporarily added to his Deck.[2]

On the day, Sector Security detected Yusei's Duel Runner appearing in Satellite, so Trudge went after Yusei and forced him into a Turbo Duel just before he entered the pipeline. The Duel continued throughout the pipeline. Realizing what Yusei was trying to do, Trudge used his "Gate Blocker" cards to slow him down. With help from Rally's "Turbo Booster", Yusei destroyed the blockers and won the Duel. Yusei was able to exit the pipeline by lowering his duel runner just as the maintenance ended. Trudge barely missed the exit and was swept back as waste was released into the pipeline.[2]

Yusei was later caught trespassing and sentenced to time in The Facility.[3][4]


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