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Yusaku Fujiki
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Appears in
Fujiki, Yusaku

Yusaku Fujiki (ふじ ゆうさく, Fujiki Yūsaku) is the main protagonist of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.[1]



Yusaku is a teenage boy with fair skin, green eyes, and dark blue hair that spikes outward in the back and contains light blue bangs with pink accents. His standard attire consists of a slate-colored jacket with light blue trim over a white dress shirt with a blue tie and a pair of black pants and black and white shoes.
Yusaku Normal

Yusaku's normal clothes.

Yusaku VR duel

Yusaku's VR form.

While Dueling in Virtual Reality, Yusaku wears a black outfit with a golden stripe going across his body. His hair color also changes to yellow and red with pink strips and accents. A series of translated Twitter posts state that "the plan is to have Yusaku change his form in VR (Virtual Reality)".[2]


Cool-headed and extremely clever, Yusaku's real skill is in his hacking and cracking abilities. As well he's good at reading people and he thinks on his feet.

Yusaku is described as a boy who doesn't like standing out at school, not because he's timid but because he is a hacker. However, he gets drawn into encounters with people as he tries out Dueling for once.[1]

Yusaku is said to be a intelligent hacker who possesses considerable ability. It helps him to read a situation and Talker's thoughts.

While Dueling in Link VRAINS, he is known as "The Playmaker".


Like the protagonists of the previous series (Yugi MutoJaden YukiYusei Fudo, Yuma Tsukumo, & Yuya Sakaki), his name contains the character「遊」(Yu). In a break from tradition, however, his first name contains three syllables instead of the usual two.

His given name contains the characters "game" (Yu 遊), and "work" (Saku 作). His last name means "wisteria tree".


Yusaku uses a Deck that incorporates Link Summoning, with his ace monster being "Decode Talker".



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