Candy may be sweet, boy, but I won't be!

— Yuri to Sora[1]

Yuri is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga. He is one of the four personalities that share Yuya Sakaki's body.



Child Yuri manga

Child Yuri.

Yuri looks almost the same as his anime counterpart: His face semi-identical to his counterparts save his pronounced and short thick eyebrows, violet and pink hair, purple eyes, and menacing expression. Yuri's attire resembles an officer's uniform of sorts, usually having a two-part cape of red and purple. Whenever he possesses Yuya or briefly emerges from him as a spirit, Yuri's cape is replaced with Yuya's gold and red lined white school jacket.

As a child, Yuri wears a shirt with a short cardigan and long pants.


While similar to his anime counterpart pre-absorption in Dueling conduct and eagerness to fight strong duelists, Yuri seems to show some compassion to others, especially towards Yuya.[2] He cares about Yuya to the point that he'd mercilessly punish anyone who'd dare attempt to harm him in any way, or feel guilty if he felt that he failed Yuya. Because of this, his character seems far closer to the Dubbed Anime's depiction of him post-absorption. He also follows an ideology that says anyone is capable of evil, making him the only one besides Reiji perceptive enough to see through Sora's lies. Just like Yuto, he also has a big ego in which he considers himself "handsome", worrying that Yuzu would be sad if he left, since she "likes handsome men".[3] While Yuri is the one in control, he speaks politely.


Yuri is Duelist from twenty years in the future. Before arriving in the past, he lived with his father Yusho Sakaki and his brothers YuyaYugo, and Yuto. At Yuya's birthday, Duel Monsters card Genesis Omega Dragon went on a rampage after his father's friend, Leo Akaba, materialized its power for his experiment. This resulted with the beginning of destruction of the world. Under their father's instruction, Yuri and his brothers intended to go to his lab to meet him using the escape pods that will send them directly to the lab. En route back to their house where the escape pods were, Yuya pushed his brothers out of the way from a falling debris, rendering him unconscious. When they arrived, three of the escape pods were destroyed by falling debris. Yuri, Yugo, and Yuto decided to place their unconscious younger brother into the pod, saving Yuya's life. Yuri and his two brothers spent their last moments together by sharing a meal and throw roses while wishing Yuya happy birthday before they perished and then the time was regressed through a phenomenon called World Illusion that Yusho enacted using a portion of G.O.D's power.

However, due to yet unknown reason, the impact of World Illusion allowed Yuri and his two brothers' spirits to survive and lived inside Yuya. The impact also caused Yuya unable to remember the full story save that his father sent him back in time to find G.O.D, including his relation to his older brothers whom he thought are his alternate personalities created from the impact of World Illusion that has messed up his mind. Yuto, Yuri, and Yugo decided to play along with Yuya's belief and erased all memories regarding them as to not make Yuya sad for their deaths. They then spent the first six months after arriving in the past to look for any clue about G.O.D before finally hacking into Leo Corporation.Yuri was first seen riding around Yuya's mind with Yugo while hunting down memories they don't want Yuya to remember. While Yuri questioned if their absence might make Yuya suspicious, Yugo assures him that Yuto will cover for them. Yugo then finds a crystalized shard of Yuya's memories, shattering it while he and Yuri both agree that it is for the best Yuya does not remember them as they were. At the same time, after explaining his three other "personalities" to Yuzu and Shuzo, Yuya questioned Yuto on where Yugo and Yuri were since he hasn't seen them of late. Yuto covers for his counterparts by claiming they were probably going on a tour or something, with Yuya assuming Yugo and Yuri are having a road trip in his mind.[2]

Yuri later makes his presence known when Yuya becomes conflicted over dueling Sora Shiunin after the boy claimed that he is being forced to Duel him for his sister's sake. Yuri takes over Yuya's body commenting that his Deck would be more effective against Sora's. While Yuya protests over how he finally showed up after an long absence, Yuri warns a confused Sora that he is not as soft as Yuya and care very less about Sora's sister, unlike Yuya.[1] Yuri proceeds to mercilessly attack Sora with Yuya horrified until Yuri reveals his intent to expose Sora for the liar he is. However, while finally noticing Yuzu, Yuri realized too late that Sora rigged the pain receiver of the Action Field's Solid Vision to deal out triple the amount of pain. While he advised Yuya against it, flirting with Yuzu as a last resort, Yuri relents and gives Yuya back use of their body to finish the Duel.[3]

Yuto and Yuri manga 11

Yuto and Yuri discussing about Yugo.

Soon after Yuya was brought back to their hideout by Yugo once Sora was defeated, Yuri felt guilty over giving into Yuya's request. While Yugo attempted to cheer him up, Yuri retorted that hearing from Yugo made him feel worse as they and Yugo start bickering amongst themselves. The trio's prattle ceases when Yuri notices someone is hacking Yuya's mind via his Duel Disk, Yugo deciding to deal with the intruder after they failed to prevent him from entering Yuya's mind. Though Yuri offers, Yugo turns him down since he's not fully healed from his fight with Sora.[4] Yuri and Yuto eventually follow after Yugo when they start to fear the worst, watching his duel against Ren before coming to Yugo's side to deal with the resurfacing memories. Soon after, as Ren knew of the World Illusion and possibly who they all were before that event, Yugo warns Yuri and Yuto with the former deeming Ren as someone they cannot ignore.[5]

Soon after, while Yugo rests, Yuto and Yuri help Yuya catch up on what occurred while he was out and speculate on Ren being part of a third faction seeking the Adam Factor they apparently possess. When Yuya learns Reiji found their hideout, Yuto and Yuri agree to disappear for a bit so Yuya can have a private discussion with him.[6] But when Reiji is adamant to duel Yuya and overpowers him, Yuri quickly return to aid his counterpart while expressing excitement to face Reiji himself as he summons "Starving Venemy Dragon".[7]

Soon after going off the grid, Yuri having suspected that they would be effected by the Adam Factor, he and his counterparts have Yuya undergo a training regime to hone their dueling skills.[8] The knowledge of the Adam Factor gradually disrupting their connection continues to trouble Yuri as he and Yuto watch Yugo's rematch against Ren.


Yuya Sayaki

Yuya is Yuri's youngest brother. Yuya and Yuri are complete opposites of one another: while Yuya sees the good in others and Duels for fun, Yuri sees only the worst and Duels in a sadistic manner. Yuri even forcefully took over Yuya's body during their Duel with Sora, scolding Yuya for his gullibility while torturing Sora to expose him for the deceptive sadist he is. Despite this, Yuri genuinely cares for Yuya to the point that he will show no mercy to anyone who harms Yuya in any way. He even willing to erase all memories they have together to avoid making Yuya sad of his and Yuto and Yugo's death during World Illusion. Yuya also seems to be Yuri's favorite brother as he went as far as competing with Yuto and Yugo for Yuya's attention at his birthday.

Yuto and Yugo

Yuri is prone to argue with Yuto and Yugo at certain moments. The three of them have brotherly rivalry against each other over Yuya's affection, competing on who is giving the best birthday gifts for the youngest brother at his birthday. Nevertheless, the three of them are close and care for one another. They would work together despite their differences, especially whenever Yuya is involved as they all share a common need to protect their younger brother.

Yuzu Hiragi

Having noted Yuzu's fondness for handsome guys, Yuri makes an assumption that he might be her type to the point of flirting with her to Yuya's dismay.


Compared to Yuya, Yuri knew instantly that Sora was lying about being forced to Duel them against his will. He proceeded to torture Sora until he forced the child to reveal his true colors.


Like his anime counterpart, Yuri runs a Predator Plant Deck focusing on Fusion Summoning.

Like his other counterparts, Yuri's Deck has been influenced by Yuya, with him using cards like "Pendulum Fusion" that allow him to Fusion Summon using Pendulum Monsters, and with his "Starving Venemy Dragon" evolving to a Pendulum Monster.

Image Information
Predaplant Spider Orchid (捕食植物プレデター・プランツスパイダー・オーキッド Puredetā Purantsu Supaidā Ōkiddo)
1 ★
Predator Plant Chimera Rafflesia | Predator Plants Chimerafflesia (捕食植物キメラフレシア Puredetā Purantsu Kimerafureshia)
7 ★★★★★★★
StarvingVenemyDragon-EN-Manga-AV-CA.png Starving Venemy Dragon | Starve Venemy Dragon (スターヴ・ヴェネミー・ドラゴン Sutāvu Venemī Doragon)
7 ★★★★★★★
Starving Venemy Lethal Dose Dragon | Starve Venemy Lethal Dose Dragon (スターヴ・ヴェネミー・リーサルドーズ・ドラゴン Sutāvu Venemī Rīsarudōzu Doragon)
8 ★★★★★★★★
DowsingFusion-EN-Manga-AV-CA.png Dowsing Fusion (ダウジング・フュージョン Daujingu Fyūjon)
Card type
Spell Card
PendulumFusion-EN-Manga-AV-CA.png Pendulum Fusion (ペンデュラム・フュージョン Pendyuramu Fyūjon)
Card type
Spell Card
Polymerization-JP-Manga-DM-CA.png Polymerization | Fusion (融合 Yūgō)
Card type
Spell Card


Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Sora Shiunin 8-10 Win (with Yuya)
Reiji Akaba 15-18 No result (with Yuya and Yuto)
Sora Shiunin 29-32 Win (with Yuya)


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