Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler's school Duel

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Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler's school Duel
DMx001 Duel Monsters at school
Game details

Domino High School


Yugi and Joey's school Duel is a Duel which took place during the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime between Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler.

Anime events

The game was played at Domino High School while Yugi Muto was teaching Joey Wheeler how to play Duel Monsters. Téa Gardner, Tristan Taylor and Bakura Ryou watched as they played.

The beginning of the Duel occurred off screen.

Joey's turn

Joey had "Kageningen", "The Furious Sea King", "Claw Reacher" and "Skull Stalker" in his hand.

He Normal Summoned "Kagemusha of the Blue Flame" in Attack Position.

Yugi's turn

Yugi Normal Summoned "Blackland Fire Dragon" in Attack Position.

"Blackland Fire Dragon" attacked and destroyed "Kagemusha of the Blue Flame". (Joey: 0 Life Points).

Yugi won.

Tristan mocked Joey after he lost, but Yugi said Joey did okay and offered to bring him to his family's game shop to get better cards.

Cards used

The following cards from each player's Decks were shown:

Joey Wheeler
Yugi Muto


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