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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Volume 008





Yu-Gi-Oh! 8

Volume number


Release date(s)
  • Flag of Japan August 10, 2007[1]

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This is the eight volume of the reprint of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga in bunkoban form.

It included the tarot card, The Justice, featuring Shadi in its design.

In the afterword, Kazuki Takahashi talks about a dropped film idea, Yu-Gi-Oh! VS. GX.


Image Number English title Japanese title
Duel 104 Crisis!
Duel 105 No Mercy
Duel 106 Another Kind of Courage
Having lost to Kaiba, Yugi struggles with how to work with Dark Yugi, while Mai attempts to repay her debt.
Duel 107 To the Castle!
Yugi and Jonouchi enter Pegasus' castle with Mai, where they find Bandit Keith already inside. Kaiba prepares to Duel Pegasus.
Duel 108 The First Stages of Fear
Duel 109 The Deadly Duelist King!
Duel 110 Toons Attack!
Duel 111 The Promise
Duel 112 The Eve of Battle
Duel 113 Stealth in the Night!
YGODDuel055 Duel 114 The Bewitching Mai 幻惑の舞!!
Genwaku no Mai!!
The Bewitching Mai!!
The final four Duelists ready themselves and Mai and Dark Yugi start their Duel.
YGODDuel056 Duel 115 The Beautiful Trap! 美しき罠!!
Utsukushiki Wana!!
The Beautiful Trap!
YGODDuel057 Duel 116 Find Yourself! 自分を見つけろ!!
Jibun o Mitsukero!!
Find Yourself!!
Duel 117 Running on the Edge!
Duel 118 The Legendary Swordsman


  1. 遊・戯・王  8 (Japanese)

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