This is a listing of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL volumes.

Cover Number Names
YZ01-PromoEN Volume 1 Japanese name その名は遊馬!!
(Sono Na wa Yūma!!)
Translated Japanese name The Name's Yuma!!
English name The Name's Yuma!!
YZ02-PromoEN Volume 2 Japanese name ナンバーズ・ハンター!!
(Nanbāzu Hantā!!)
Translated Japanese name Numbers Hunter!!
English name Numbers Hunter!!
YZ03-PromoEN Volume 3 Japanese name 第2の刺客!!
(Dai Ni no Shikaku!!)
Translated Japanese name The Second Assassin!!
English name The Second Assassin!!
YZ04-PromoEN Volume 4 Japanese name 月からの使者!!
(Tsuki Kara no Shisha!!)
Translated Japanese name Messenger from the Moon!!
English name Messenger from the Moon!!
YZ05-PromoEN Volume 5 Japanese name ラインワールド!!
Translated Japanese name Line World!!
English name Line World!!
YZ06-PromoEN Volume 6 Japanese name 明かされる罪!!
(Akasareru Tsumi!!)
Translated Japanese name Sin Revealed!!
English name Sin Revealed!!
YZ07-PromoEN Volume 7 Japanese name 希望の1!!
(Kibō no Ichi!!)
Translated Japanese name The 1 of Hope!!
English name Just One Hope!!
YZ08-PromoEN Volume 8 Japanese name 築き上げた絆!!
Translated Japanese name Built-Up Bonds!!
English name A Bond Between Us!!
YZ09-PromoEN Volume 9 Japanese name 遊馬のかっとビング!!
(Yūma no Kattobingu!!)
Translated Japanese name Yuma's Kattobingu!!
English name Yuma Jets!!

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