"Yuma's Kattobingu!!" is the ninth and final volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL manga.

Promotional card

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The volume includes a promotional card, "Gagaga Head", which is used by Yuma Tsukumo in this volume.


Image Number English title Japanese title
ZEXAL Rank 49 Chapter 49 A New Hope!! 新しい希望!!
Atarashii Kibō!!
A New Hope!!
Shark somehow manages to counterattack using the "Number" Kyoji trusted him; however, that's not enough to defeat E'Rah, and Shark ends up defeated, passing the baton to Kaito and Yuma. Kaito goes next and begins a new counterattack with his new "Number".
ZEXAL Rank 50 Chapter 50 God of Despair!! 絶望の神!!
Zetsubō no Kami!!
God of Despair!!
E'Rah Summons "Anti-Hope, God of Despair", defeating Kaito as well. Yuma struggles against it with the help of Shark's and Kaito's "Numbers", but he is unable to defeat E'Rah's God of Despair.
ZEXAL Rank 51 Chapter 51 His Name Is... Zexal!! その名は・・・ゼアル!!
Sono Na Wa... Zearu!!
His Name Is... Zexal!!
Not giving up their last hope, Yuma and Astral revive the legendary power and unite their souls, finally defeating the Goddess of Despair.
ZEXAL Rank 52 Chapter 52 The Final Duel!! 最後のデュエル!!
Saigo no Dyueru!!
The Final Duel!!
The struggle against E'Rah seemed to have finally ended, but when Astral is about to finally retrieve all "Numbers", Yuma refuses to hand him "Utopia", claiming that he knows about Astral's "real destiny". Yuma and Astral then face-off in a last Duel to decide everyone's future.
ZEXAL Rank 53 Chapter 53 Yuma's Tactics!! 遊馬のタクティクス!!
Yūma no Takutikusu!!
Yuma's Tactics!!
The Duel between Yuma and Astral continues. Despite Astral's overwhelming field of "Numbers", Yuma shows his value and still manages to fight back using the "Utopia" monsters. It is when Astral brings forth the "King of Numbers"...
ZEXAL Rank 54 Chapter 54 The True King of Numbers!! ナンバーズ真の皇!!
Nanbāzu Shin no Ō!!
The True King of Numbers!!
Astral fights Yuma with no mercy, constantly swarming his field with "Numbers" with the effect of the "King of Numbers", "Utopia Kaiser". Faced by this ordeal, Yuma shows Astral how much's he's grown with their past Duels.
ZEXAL Rank 55 Chapter 55 Yuma Jets!! 遊馬のかっとビング!!
Yūma no Kattobingu!!
Yuma's Kattobingu!!
The final Duel between Yuma and Astral to decide the destiny of the two finally reaches its end, and with it, the time for them to bid farewell comes.