A Bond Between Us!!, known as Built-Up Bonds!! in the Japanese version, is the eighth volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL manga.

The Japanese version is 200 pages long, and costs ¥432 (including tax).[1]

Promotional card

Main article: Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Volume 8 promotional card

The volume includes a promotional card, "Number S39: Utopia the Lightning", which is used by Yuma Tsukumo in this volume.


Image Number English title Japanese title
ZEXAL Rank 43 Chapter 43 To the Otherworld!! 異世界へ!!
Isekai e!!
To the Otherworld!!
Shark manages to defeat Kyoji's "Lancelot"; furious, Kyoji unleashes the power of his Field and brings out all of his "Numbers". The power of Kyoji's "Numbers" starts up the device to the otherworld, sending Yuma and co. to the otherworld ocean.
ZEXAL Rank 44 Chapter 44 It's Our Problem!! オレたちの問題だ!!
Oretachi no Mondai da!!
It's Our Problem!!
After falling through the portal to the Ocean of Otherworlds, Yuma and Astral cooperate with Kaito Tenjo and Ryoga Kamishiro in a 3 vs. 1 Duel against Kyoji Yagumo, with the fate of the Astral World on the line.
ZEXAL Rank 45 Chapter 45 Yagumo's Original Sin!! 八雲の原罪!!
Yagumo no Genzai!!
Yagumo's Original Sin!!
As the duel between Yuma, Kaito, Shark and Kyoji continues, Kyoji reveals the details of his disturbing past.
ZEXAL Rank 46 Chapter 46 A Bond Between Us!! 築き上げた絆!!
Kizukiageta Kizuna!!
Built-Up Bonds!!
The Duel between Yuma, Kaito, Shark and Kyoji continues, and just as it appears to be over, an new enemy appears from the shadows.
ZEXAL Rank 47 Chapter 47 The Deity of Despair!! 絶望の神!!
Zetsubō no Kami!!
The Deity of Despair!!
E'Rah has unveiled herself revealing her plan to Yuma, Astral, Shark, Kaito and the others, as well as the role she played in each of their lives. The Duel continues with E'Rah taking Kyoji's place, using the shadows of her enemies' monsters against them.
ZEXAL Rank 48 Chapter 48 The Four Powers!! 4つの力!!
Yottsu no Chikara!!
The Four Powers!!
As Yuma, Shark and Kaito continue struggling against E'Rah, Yuma's father appears, and a shocking truth about Yuma and the others emerges.