Messenger from the Moon!! (つきからの使しゃ!!, Tsuki Kara no Shisha!!) is the fourth Volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL manga.

The Japanese version is 200 pages long, and costs ¥420 (including tax).[1]

The English version is 200 pages long, and costs $9.99.[2]

Promotional card

Main article: Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Volume 4 promotional card

The volume includes a promotional card, "Number 47: Nightmare Shark", which is used by Shark in this volume.


Image Number English title Japanese title
ZEXAL Rank 19 title page Chapter 19 Messenger from the Moon!! 月からの使者!!
Tsuki Kara no Shisha!!
Messenger from the Moon!!
A mysterious girl approaches Shark, entrusting him a dangerous mission.
ZEXAL Rank 20 title page Chapter 20 A Three-Way Battle!! 三つ巴の戦い!!
Mitsudomoe no Tatakai!!
A Three-Way Battle!!
Attending Luna's wish, Shark becomes a Number Hunter using the new "Number" Luna entrusted him. One night, when Shark goes after a certain Number holder, his path crosses with Yuma's and Kaito's. Now, the three Numbers Hunters gather!
ZEXAL Rank 21 title page Chapter 21 Kyoji Yagumo!! 八雲興司!!
Yagumo Kyōji!!
Kyoji Yagumo!!
The Numbers Club researches about Shark's past in order to find out his reasons for collecting the "Numbers", and learn about a past event regarding him and his former "mate" Kyoji Yagumo which caused him to be banished from the Dueling world and to go after the "Numbers". Meanwhile, Mr. Heartland hires a new Number Hunter, who happens to be...
ZEXAL Rank 22 title page Chapter 22 Commander!! 司令官!!
Tetsuo is seriously injured by a Numbers Hunter, who defeats him in a Duel. Before being hospitalized, Tetsuo entrusts his Deck to Yuma, who goes after the Numbers Hunter.
ZEXAL Rank 23 title page Chapter 23 Menacing Force!! 脅威の部隊!!
Kyōi no Butai!!
Menacing Force!!
The Duel between Yuma and Eviluder continues.
ZEXAL Rank 24 title page Chapter 24 The Numbers War!! ナンバーズ大戦!!
Nanbāzu Taisen!!
Numbers War!!
As the Duel between Yuma and Eviluder is settled, Kyoji Yagumo appears.