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Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL - Episode 137



ベクターの翻弄! 捕われた仲間の絆!!


Bekutā no Honrō! Torawareta Nakama no Kizuna!!

Japanese translation

Vector's Trifling! Bonds of Trapped Friendship!!

Episode number


Japanese air date

January 19, 2014

Japanese opening

Wonder Wings

Japanese ending

Challenge the GAME

  • Hirota Mitsutaka
Episode listing Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episode listing (season 2)
Previous Sinister Memories! Nash vs. Vector the Devil!!
Next A Being of Chaos - "Don Thousand" Emerges!!

"Vector's Trifling! Bonds of Trapped Friendship!!" is the one hundred and thirty-seventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on January 19, 2014.

During his fated Duel with Nash, Vector learns about his true memories. Don Thousand has been toying with the memories of the Seven Barian Emperors, including Vector's. In order to decide his own fate, Vector turns on Don Thousand, the root of all evil, and says something unexpected to Nash! At that time, Nash...


Vector's father leading his army.
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Nash orders "Number C65: King Overfiend" to attack "Number C104: Umbral Horror Masquerade". "King Overfiend" spins around before bisecting "Masquerade" with its scythe. Vector is thrown backwards, returning to his human form as his Life Points drop to 1000. Bright light covers the field as he hits the ground and wonders what this feeling he has is. Everyone present is able to view his true memories. At the castle that would one day become his ruins, Vector's father and mother stand on a balcony, his mother holding him. An announcer yells to the crowd that their prince Vector has been born on this fated day and claims he is an incarnation of their god as well as a symbol of peace. The crowd chants Vector's name, but his father mutters that peace is not something he wants. Later, the infant Vector rests in a cradle and a glowing card descends through the window via the wind. It lands on him and the number 65 flashes out. From his throne on his flagship, Vector's father orders his troops to snatch the riches and powers of their enemies by any means necessary. He persists that they must destroy anything that stands in their way and that they fight with everything they have. As he leads his troops in battle, he laughs maniacally. Another day, Vector's father coughs violently and then collapses on the floor of the throne room. His servants rush to aide him. By now, Vector is grown and his mother tells him his father can barely get out of bed. She begs Vector to save their country and people. Vector gently agrees. He announces his attentions to the populace from the balcony. He says he dislikes war and conflict and the desires to see the people of this land live in peace and happiness. He urges the people to work together with him to build a brighter tomorrow. The crowd cheers.

Vector embraces his fate.
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Later, Vector explains what he has done to his father, who drops his flask in shock. He demands to know what Vector is thinking, signing a peace treaty with their enemies. His father angrily calls him an idiot and insists that those neighboring countries were so close to becoming part of this kingdom. Vector emphatically tells him that he cannot bear to see any more people die on the battlefield. His father blunders towards him, disbelieving that a symbol of peace like Vector could have been sired by him. Vector just mutters "father...". Claiming he is an cursed child sent to drag his glory into the dirt, Vector's father lunges for the sword holstered at Vector's side. Before the sword can hit Vector, his mother gets between them, being slashed down the back. She falls to her knees and tells his father that she won't allow their child to be harmed. He tells her to shut up, but then falls forward, succumbing to his illness and dying before his wife closes her eyes for good as well. Don Thousand appears behind Vector in his reaper form. Vector asks who he is and Thousand responds by telling him that he will become a mad prince, not a tragic prince. He assumes his regular form and tells Vector that the brutal, savage blood of his father will now run through him. A card flies towards Vector and embeds itself in his chest. Thousand urges him to awaken the power of ambition within in. Vector picks up the sword and now remembers having killed both of his parents. He asserts that he was born to turn the world into a never-ending bloodbath as he looks at his reflection in the sword's blade and his eyes glow red.

Vector holds Don Thousand back, urging Nash to finish him off.
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Tori and Yuma remark that those were Vector's true memories, then. Astral adds that he was manipulated by Don Thousand, just as the other Barian Emperors were. As Vector slowly gets to his feet, he says this is impossible. If those were the memories of when he was a human, then it's a lie that he killed his own parents. He yells Don Thousand's name and the god the Barian World appears before him. Thousand remarks he's figured it out. Vector curses, and asks why Thousand lied. Thousand simply laughs. Yuma mutters Vector's name, while Nash silently stares. Vector screams in anguish and falls back to his knees. Yuma tells Don Thousand that Vector's heart and soul were broken because of him. He thinks it's natural that he'd have such feelings afterwards. Yuma addresses Vector, telling him he used to be a nice person - he appeared in front of Yuma as Ray Shadows, after all. Yuma insists that Ray was Vector's true self. Vector mutters that Yuma may be right. Thousand tells Yuma that Vector was the ideal target - since he was so pure-hearted, the darkness born from killing his parents was much deeper than it would have been in anyone else. That is what made him such a powerful Barian. Yuma yells that if Thousand hadn't interfered, Vector would have been a kind prince. Thousand says that that may be true, but it does not change Vector's actions - those cannot be erased. Vector agrees with him - the crimes of his past are not washed away due to this. Yuma insists Vector can start over, with Tori agreeing. Vector thanks them both, but claims that he cannot have a future. Someone like him who has hurt so many people - or even just the few present - can never start anew. He activates his face-down "Xyz Discharge", explaining that if Nash sends a card in his hand to the Graveyard, this card will give control of every Xyz Monster he controls to Nash. Nash seems confused and Thousand asks what Vector is planning, calling him "boy". Vector tells them this is his way of trying to make up for everything. He urges Nash to strike him down with his own monsters - with the power of Don Thousand still inside him. Thousand yells Vector's name in shock, reaching towards him. Vector is engulfed in purple flames, which hold Thousand back. Thousand calls him impudent and Astral asks if he intends to take Thousand down with him, while Yuma yells for Vector to stop. Vector addresses Nash again, telling him to get rid of him and his sordid past. Thousand yells that he won't allow it and Vector says it must be done now, while he is still able to hold Thousand back. Nash nods and says he understands. Yuma yells "Shark!"

Vector gleefully reveals his lie.
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Nash sends the "Dream Shark" in his hand to the Graveyard and "Number C102: Archfiend Seraph" and "Number C103: Ragnafinity" vanish from Vector's field and appear on Nash's, on either side of "King Overfiend". Vector urges him once more to finish it. Yuma tries to stop him, but Vector himself insists that this is the only way. Nash begins to order an attack, prompting Yuma to yell "STOP!" Nash finishes, telling "Ragnafinity" to attack directly. "Ranganfinity" tosses its scythe as Yuma yells "VECTOR!!!!" Vector closes his eyes, but quickly reopens them, adopting a crazed look and yelling "TRAP ACTIVATE!". He's activated his face-down "Trick Buster" as he controls no monsters and his opponent does. It will negate the attack and destroy all of his opponent's Attack Position monsters. A shield appears in front of him, off of which the scythe bounces. Everyone is present but Vector sighs. Three swords appear before Vector, which fly out and impale "Rangafinity", "King Overfiend" and "Archfiend Seraph", destroying them. Vector cackles that he cheated. Yuma asks what he means. Vector thanks them all for falling for it and muses that that was his performance of a lifetime. He calls them all idiots for believing it, hook line and sinker. He excitedly continues gloating before addressing Nash and saying he'll send him to where his friends went - after he takes care of a certain meddling "god".

Vector obliterates Don Thousand.
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Thousand asks what he's talking about and Vector remarks that he noticed Thousand had tampered with his memories a long time ago. He calls it hilarious to see them all squirm and suffer. He adds that he's angry that Thousand toyed with his memories though. Thousand insists that Vector cannot raise a hand against him. Vector tells him to shut up and Barian Battlemorphs back to his new armored form. His eyes glow red and he declares that with the power he's absorbed from the other Emperors, he is stronger than Thousand. Thousand is engulfed in purple fire and screams in pain. He calls Vector foolish even as he remarks that he didn't think Vector's power was this great. Thousand dissolves and Vector laughs, while Astral cannot believe that he obliterated Don Thousand like that. Vector turns back to Nash and says he is next. He reveals that "Trick Buster" has another effect - for each monster destroyed, Nacsh will take 300 damage. The Graveyard portal appears and from it emerge three beams of light, which move towards Nash. Yuma yells "Shark!", while Nash activates the effect of the "Dream Shark" in his Graveyard, banishing it to reduce the damage to 0 and Special Summon it in Defense Position The beams explode when they hit "Dream Shark". Vector is enraged that Nash didn't believe his act. Nash claims he threw away petty things like "belief" when he threw away his humanity and past memories.
"Number C5: Chaos Chimera Dragon" is Summoned.
Yuma mutters "Shark" while Nash Sets two cards to end his turn. Vector tells Nash he won't forgive him for this and tells him to behold his true power. He raises his arm and purple energy engulfs it before he draws. Vector activates "Rank-Up-Magic Admiration of the Thousands", which will let him Special Summon "Number C" monsters from either players' Graveyard and give them a Level equal to their Rank +1. He Special Summons "Number C101: Silent Honor DARK" from Nash's Graveyard and "Umbral Horror Masquerade", "Archfiend Seraph" and "Ragnafinity" from his own. Now, "Admiration of the Thousands will let him use them to Summon an Xyz Monster. He overlays his four Level 6 monsters and declares "Direct Chaos Xyz Evolution!". He chants "there are dead even in the chaotic world, Now rise from your graves in this world and let your souls become one!" He Special Summons "Number C5: Chaos Chimera Dragon" in Attack Position. Vector urges Nash to remember that this monster was made by using the power of Chaos he gained from Nash's friends. It has 0 ATK now, but Vector reveals that it gains 1000 ATK for each Overlay Unit it has, giving it 4000.
Nash's banished cards return.
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Vector activates the effect of "Chaos Chimera Dragon", explaining that it can only attack if he detachs an Overlay Unit first and the effect also banishes a random card in Nash's Deck. "Aqua Jet" flies from Nash's D-Pad before vanishing. Vector admits that this does mean it will lose 1000 ATK, but it will still be enough to defeat Nash. He orders "Chaos Chimera Dragon" to attack "Dream Shark" and the dragon fires a rainbow beam from its chest. Nash activates the effect of "Dream Shark", which lets him decrease its DEF by 1000 once per turn to prevent its destruction by battle. The attack rebounds off of a barrier, but Vector says he's not done and activates the effect of "Chaos Chimera Dragon" again. This time, "Big Jaws" is banished from Nash's Deck and the attack obliterates "Dream Shark". Nash specifies that the effect of "Dream Shark" causes it to be banished when it leaves the field. Vector laughs and remarks that all of Nash's monsters are gone now. He uses the effect again and this time "Zeus' Breath" is banished. He adds that the ATK of "Chaos Chimera Dragon" is halved when it attacks directly, buts it's still enough. Vector quips that he's had a lot of fun, but Nash has become an eyesore now. Nash responds that he thinks the same of Vector. Vector declares his attack and insists it will end this time, saluting. Yuma yells "Shark", but Nash activates his face-down "Depth Gardna". He explains that this card will reduce the Battle Damage to 0 and Special Summon itself as a Level 5 monster with ATK equal to the damage he would have taken. Vector's eyes narrow and he says he'll have to teach Nash another lesson then - as many as it will take. He activates the other effect of "Chaos Chimera Dragon" - the cards that it banished are placed back on top of Nash's Deck. "Chaos Chimera Dragon" fires a green energy blast, which rips through the ground before Nash. The three cards fly up from the crevice and land in his D-Pad. Vector Sets a card and ends his turn.

Nash's draw is sealed.
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Nash wonders why he'd put the banished cards back on his Deck and draws "Aqua Jet". Nash tells Vector he'll end this now - with the card he put back on his Deck. Vector reveals that he can't as the card Nash has drawn is shaded blue - any card banished by "Chaos Chimera Dragon" cannot be used at all for the remainder of the Duel. Astral says this is very bad - it means that Shark's next two draws are sealed too. Vector activates another effect of "Chaos Chimera Dragon". He can pay half his Life Points to re-attach every Overlay Unit used last turn. "Chaos Chimera Dragon" fires another blast at the ground, from which emerge the three Overlay Units, returning its ATK to 4000. Yuma can't believe the situation will just repeat itself next turn. Vector cackles that its over for real now. Nash responds that it's ironic - he has helped Nash this time. He activates "Infinity Tooth", which lets him send a number of cards from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard equal to the number of Overlay Units his opponent's monsters have. He sends "Big Jaws", "Zeus' Breath", "Skull Kraken" and "Surface" to the Graveyard. Vector remarks those were the cards he was forbidden from using. Now, Nash can draw one new card. He declares "Barian's Chaos Draw!" and the Barian Emblem radiates out from him. He Normal Summons the Level 5 "Depth Biter" without Tribute as his opponent controls an Xyz Monster. Nash overlays his two Level 5 monsters to Xyz Summon "Number 73: Abyss Splash". He activates its effect, detaching an Overlay Unit to double its ATK. He orders "Abyss Splash" to attack "Chaos Chimera Dragon". Vector compliments the play, but activates his face-down "Overlay Burglary", which lets him detach an Overlay Unit from Nash's monster and attach it to "Chaos Chimera Dragon". With that, the ATK of "Chaos Chimera Dragon" rises by another 1000. Vector calls it sad that Nash could have won, had he used both Overlay Units instead of one. Yuma remarks that as things stand now, Shark will lose.
"Number C73: Abyss Supra" strikes the core of "Chaos Chimera Dragon".
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Vector declares that the battle will continue now - and Nash is finished. Nash counters that he has it backwards and activates his face-down "Rank-Up-Magic Quick Chaos". Vector is shocked to see a Quick-Play "Rank-Up Magic". Nash explains it will Rank-Up "Abyss Splash" and infuse it with Chaos. He declares "Chaos Xyz Evolution" and chants "pierce through the whirlpool of Chaos, and now, surface from the depths to this land. He Special Summons "Number C73: Abyss Supra" in Attack Position. Nash tells Vector that this card will bury him in the darkness. He orders an attack on "Chaos Chimera Dragon", prompting Vector to point out that it has only 3000 ATK. He quips that he'll help "Mr. Avenger" to his grave as he already has one foot in it. Nash activates the effect of "Abyss Supra", detaching an Overlay Unit to increase its ATK by that of the monster it battles. Vector yells "WHAT!" and Nash declares that "Chaos Chimera Dragon" has 5000 ATK, so that is what "Abyss Supra" gains. Vector says "8000 ATK" in disbelief. Nash asks that Vector's twisted soul fall into the deepest depths of darkness, where no light can reach. Vector curses as the staff of "Abyss Supra" crackles with electricity. Nash tells Vector to crumble to dust and blow away in the wind as "Abyss Supra" fires a beam from its staff. "Chaos Chimera Dragon" is destroyed and Vector's Life Points fall to 0 as he reverts to his human form. He thinks that it's impossible that he could have lost as he hits the ground. Yuma, Astral and Tori gasp, while Nash simply stares.

Featured Duel: Vector vs. Nash

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Turn 4: Nash
"Number C65: King Overfiend" attacks and destroys "Number C104: Umbral Horror Masquerade" (Vector 1200 → 1000). Vector activates his face-down "Xyz Discharge", giving control of all his Xyz Monsters to Nash by making him send a card in his hand to the Graveyard. Nash sends "Dream Shark", taking control of "Number C103: Ragnafinity" and "Number C102: Archfiend Seraph". "Ragnafinity" attacks directly, but Vector activates his face-down "Trick Buster", negating the attack and destroying all of Nash's Attack Position monsters as he declared an attack while Vector controlled no monsters. "Trick Buster" then inflicts 300 damage to Nash for each monster destroyed, but Nash activates the effect of the "Dream Shark" in his Graveyard, reducing the damage to 0 and Special Summoning it (0/2600) in Defense Position. Nash Sets two cards.

Turn 5: Vector
Vector draws and activates "Rank-Up-Magic Admiration of the Thousands", Special Summoning any number of "Number C" monsters with the same Rank from any Graveyard. Vector Special Summons the Rank 5 "Archfiend Seraph" (2900/2400), "Ragnafinity" (2800/2400) and "Umbral Horror Masquerade" (3000/1500) from his Graveyard and "Number C101: Silent Honor DARK" (2800/1500) from Nash's. The effect of "Admire Des Thousand" treats them as monsters with a Level that is one higher than their Rank. Vector overlays his four Level 6 monsters to Special Summon "Number C5: Chaos Chimera Dragon" (0/0) in Attack Position. "Chaos Chimera Dragon" gains 1000 ATK for each of its Chaos Overlay Units via its own effect (0 → 4000). Vector activates the effect of "Chaos Chimera Dragon", detaching a Chaos Overlay Unit (4000 → 3000) to banish a random card from Nash's Deck ("Aqua Jet") and allow "Chaos Chimera Dragon" to attack. "Chaos Chimera Dragon" attacks "Dream Shark", but Nash activates its effect, decreasing its DEF by 1000 (2600 → 1600) once per turn in order to prevent its destruction by battle. Vector activates the effect of "Chaos Chimera Dragon", detaching another Chaos Overlay Unit (3000 → 2000), banishing "Big Jaws" from Nash's Deck and allowing "Chaos Chimera Dragon" to attack again. "Chaos Chimera Dragon" attacks and destroys "Dream Shark", which is then banished by its own effect as it left the field. Vector activates the effect of "Chaos Chimera Dragon", detaching another Chaos Overlay Unit (2000 → 1000), banishing "Zeus' Breath" from Nash's Deck and allowing "Chaos Chimera Dragon" to attack again. Its effect halves its ATK (1000 → 500) since it's attacking directly. Nash activates his face-down "Depth Gardna", reducing the battle damage to 0 and Special Summoning it as a Level 5 monster with an ATK and DEF equal to the damage he would have taken (500/500). Vector activates the effect of "Chaos Chimera Dragon", returning the cards banished by its effect during this Battle Phase to the top of Nash's Deck, but they cannot be used for the rest of the Duel. Vector Sets a card.

Turn 6: Nash
Nash draws "Aqua Jet". Vector activates the effect of "Chaos Chimera Dragon", paying half his Life Points (Vector 1000 → 500) to re-attach all Chaos Overlay Units used in the previous turn from the Graveyard to "Chaos Chimera Dragon" (ATK 1000 → 4000). Nash activates "Infinity Tooth", sending a number of cards from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard equal to the number of Overlay Units attached to "Chaos Chimera Dragon" to draw a card. Nash sends "Big Jaws", "Zeus' Breath", "Skull Kraken" and "Surface" and performs a Barian's Chaos Draw. Nash Normal Summons "Depth Biter" (1800/1000) without Tribute via its own effect as Vector controls an Xyz Monster. He overlays his two Level 5 monsters to Xyz Summon "Number 73: Abyss Splash" (2400/1400) in Attack Position. Nash activates the effect of "Abyss Splash", detaching an Overlay Unit to double its ATK (2400 → 4800) until the end of the Battle Phase. "Abyss Splash" attacks "Chaos Chimera Dragon", but Vector activates his face-down "Overlay Burglary", detaching the last Overlay Unit from "Abyss Splash" and attaching it to "Chaos Chimera Dragon" (4000 → 5000). Nash activates his face-down "Rank-Up-Magic Quick Chaos", overlaying "Abyss Splash" to Special Summon "Number C73: Abyss Supra" (3000/2000) in Attack Position. "Abyss Supra" attacks "Chaos Chimera Dragon", with Nash activating its effect, detaching a Chaos Overlay Unit to increase its ATK by that of "Chaos Chimera Dragon" (3000 → 8000). "Chaos Chimera Dragon" is destroyed (Vector 500 → 0).

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

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