"Memory Thief: Part 2", known as "The Power of a New Hope!! Combination of Friendship - "Atlantal Hope"" in the Japanese version, is the one hundredth and thirteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on July 21, 2013 and in the United States on June 7, 2014.

In order to save his important friends, Yuma challenges the Barian pawn, Erazor with Trey by his side! Desperately fighting against him, even Tori, who lost her memory to Erazor, begins to cheer for Yuma unconsciously, while Trey, who once fought him as a bitter enemy, does his best to support Yuma at every twist and turn! Backed by a friend with such strong bonds of friendship, Yuma begins to realize once again he isn't alone, and in order to fill Astral's shoes, he faces off in the Duel against Erazor with all of his heart and all of his strength!!


Yuma and Trey have challenged Erazor to a Duel with the "Numbers" and the memories of the Super Secret Number Card Investigation Club at stake. Their LP have been halved thanks to Mr. Heartland, while Erazor takes the halved LP for himself. Shortly after changing to his cicada form, Erazor goes first (in the dub, Erazor adds that he will feast on Yuma's and Trey's memories, just like what he did to the Number Club, after defeating them). He says he dislikes things that take too long, which is why he will attack first. Trey asks what gave Erazor the right to do that. The insectoid Barian ignores him and Normal Summons "Oily Cicada". Since he controls an Attack Position Insect-Type monster, Erazor Special Summons "Dream Cicada" from his hand in Attack Position. He activates its effect, switching "Oily Cicada" to Defense Position; as this happens, the exoskeleton of "Dream Cicada" cracks and releases a purple mist (the exoskeleton cracking is cut from the dub, though part of the mist is not). When it clears, "Oily Cicada" is in Defense Position. Erazor reveals the effect of "Oily Cicada": it can be treated as two Overlay Units for an Xyz Summon if its battle position gets changed. He overlays his three Level 3 monsters to Xyz Summon "Number 3: Cicada King". Trey is surprised that Erazor said "Number 3" and Erazor reveals that he got the card from Vector to bury "those fools". He adds that he could care less about what Trey called himself, as the true "Number 3" belongs to him. Erazor chants, "After years of slumber, sing loudly from the depths of Hell!" as the "Number" fully reveals itself ("The time has come to spread your wings!" in the dub). Yuma wonders why Erazor Summoned "Cicada King" in Defense Position, yet Erazor mentioned that he would attack on the first turn. Trey advises Yuma not to let his guard down; Erazor may be planning something. Erazor Sets two cards and ends his turn.

Trey glances at Yuma and thinks this must be a great ordeal for him, even without Astral. He came here to ensure that Yuma would overcome it and get back on his feet (Trey's inner monologue is cut from the dub). Yuma starts his turn and draws "Double or Nothing!" He remembers using this card during his first Duel with Astral as his partner. The pair continued to look forward fighting together; even when he is alone, Yuma must move forward. Heartland asks what's wrong; did Yuma give up because Astral wasn't around? Yuma yells at him to shut up; the ex-mayor replies that flies buzz around and annoy people. Ignoring Heartland's taunt (in the dub, Yuma responds to this taunt by telling Heartland to make like a heart and beat it), Yuma Summons "Gagaga Magician". He then Special Summons "Kagetokage" in Attack Position since he Normal Summoned a Level 4 monster. Yuma mentally asks Astral to watch over him and overlays his two Level 4 monsters to Xyz Summon "Number 39: Utopia" in Attack Position. Erazor laughs and notes that Yuma Summoned his ace card straight away (in the dub, Erazor says "Utopia" will not be around for long). Yuma recalls several memories of his time with Astral, but he regains his focus and activates the Continuous Spell Card, "Reservation Reward". Yuma can reveal a Quick-Play Spell Card in his hand and Set it. The Set card can be used this turn and when it targets a monster, that monster will have its ATK doubled and inflict piercing damage this turn. Trey understands what Yuma is planning; he will negate the attack of "Utopia", activate "Double or Nothing!" to double the ATK of "Utopia", then have its ATK doubled by "Reservation Reward", letting it destroy "Cicada King" and inflict massive damage to Erazor (Trey thinking of Yuma's strategy is omitted from the dub). He praises Yuma for the strategy; he has grown as a Duelist during his time with Astral. Without Astral, Yuma must move forward on his own. Yuma attacks "Cicada King " with "Utopia", then detaches an Overlay Unit to negate his own attack. Before he can activate "Double or Nothing!", Erazor interrupts and activates the effect of "Cicada King", detaching an Overlay Unit to negate the activation of a monster effect. He declares, "Overlay Absorption!" and "Cicada King" flies up and vibrates its wings rapidly; the sound waves negate the effect of "Utopia". Erazor also reveals that "Cicada King" will gain 500 DEF if it negated an effect this way. "Cicada King" extends its proboscis and stabs "Utopia" on the midsection with it, increasing its DEF to 3000 (the red glow from the proboscis is changed to yellow in the dub). Trey realizes that this was why Erazor Summoned "Cicada King" in Defense Position. Erazor calls this too bad; as the effect of "Utopia" was negated, the battle continues, rendering Yuma unable to use "Double or Nothing!" "Utopia" is blown back after failing to destroy "Cicada King", dropping Yuma to 1500 LP. Trey yells Yuma's name, but Yuma reassures him that he's okay and ends his turn (in the dub, Yuma calls "Cicada King" a bug with all buzz and no bite).

Erazor mockingly sympathizes with Yuma for having lost 500 LP in vain, while Heartland calls him a fool even if he tries his best. Without Astral, Yuma is simply a terrible Duelist. Trey thinks that Yuma isn't alone; without Astral, the bonds he forged through his past Duels will unleash a huge power. He wants Yuma to realize this, no matter what because in the past, he took Astral away from Yuma. Trey takes his turn and Special Summons "Chronomaly Moai Carrier" in Attack Position, since he controls no monsters. As he controls a "Chronomaly" monster, Trey also Special Summons "Chronomaly Winged Sphinx" in Attack Position. Using the power of Yuma's "Numbers", Trey overlays his two Level 5 monsters to Xyz Summon "Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech" in Attack Position. Yuma is excited that Trey got "Machu Mech" out, but Erazor calls it a giant pile of junk (in the dub, Erazor points out that "Machu Mech" is not strong enough to hurt a fly, much less his "Cicada King"). Trey refutes this statement and tells him to find out for himself, as he activates "Chronomaly Pyramid Eye Tablet". This increases the ATK of all "Chronomaly" monsters by 800, bringing "Machu Mech" to 3200 ATK. He also activates the effect of "Machu Mech", detaching an Overlay Unit to inflict the gained ATK as damage to Erazor. "Machu Mech" readies its cannons, but Yuma reminds Trey of the effect of "Cicada King". Erazor activates the effect now, detaching an Overlay Unit to negate the effect and give 500 DEF to "Cicada King". "Cicada King" flies to the top-most pillar of "Machu Mech" and vibrates its wings, causing the cannons to recede. Yuma is frustrated that the DEF of "Cicada King" increased again, but Trey tells him not to worry; "Reservation Reward" will lead them to their victory. Trey uses Yuma's "Reservation Reward" to reveal and Set "Heart of Stone". He orders "Machu Mech" to attack "Cicada King". Erazor wonders why he would do that, since his monster's DEF is higher than the ATK of "Machu Mech". "Cicada King" flies away as "Machu Mech" fires a bolt of electricity from its pillar. "Cicada King" takes the attack head-on and reflects it back at Trey, reducing him to 1700 LP. Yuma wonders why Trey attacked, even if he knew he would take damage. Trey uses "Reservation Reward" to activate his Set "Heart of Stone". When a "Chronomaly" monster failed to destroy a monster by battle, it can attack again. "Reservation Reward" then doubles the ATK of "Machu Mech" to 6400. Yuma repeats the value and understands that Trey was aiming for that. Trey attacks "Cicada King" with "Machu Mech," declaring "Meteor Meltdown". Erazor activates his Set "Cicada Illusion" to prevent the destruction of a "Cicada" monster by battle. "Cicada King" glows with a crystal aura and flies away from the meteor's range, leaving behind an afterimage of itself. The meteor strikes the afterimage, destroying it. Trey reminds Erazor that he will still take damage from the attack. Erazor is blown back, his LP down to 5100. Heartland exclaims Erazor's name. Yuma is amazed at Trey's maneuver and Trey asks Erazor if he learned - this is the power of two friends working together. The ATK of "Machu Mech" returns to 3200 at the end of the Battle Phase. Erazor angrily calls Yuma and Trey brats as he rises; now they made him get serious. Trey Sets a card and ends his turn.

After Erazor draws his card, he swears to make his opponents cry uncontrollably. He switches "Cicada King" to Attack Postion and reveals the other effect of "Cicada Illusion" - when the targeted monster is changed to Attack Position, it gains ATK equal to its DEF. The ATK of "Cicada King" increases to 4700. Trey repeats the value in shock and Erazor says he will make Trey and Yuma pay for the move they did earlier, but first, he will crush Yuma. He attacks "Utopia" with "Cicada King", with Heartland adding that Yuma is through if the attack connects. "Cicada King" fires electricity from its horn, but Trey activates his Set "Orichalcum Mirage", changing the attack target to a "Chronomaly" monster he controls. A rainbow barrier appears in front of "Utopia" and redirects the attack to "Machu Mech", destroying it. Trey is knocked back, his LP now down to 200. Yuma yells Trey's name and Heartland curses at Trey for interfering. Yuma runs to Trey and asks if he is okay. Trey says he is fine and Yuma asks why he took the attack for him. Trey reiterates that he will be Yuma's sword and shield. The Number Club starts to glance up. Erazor laughs and asks if Trey took the attack to save his friend; if so, his loss is already decided. He activates his Set "Final Cicada", as he inflicted battle damage. During his next Standby Phase, Erazor can send this card to the Graveyard to inflict the same amount of damage he did earlier to his opponents. He calls it the final stage of the Duel (in the dub, Erazor offers Yuma and Trey the chance to take their last turns or give up), Sets a card and ends his turn.

Yuma realizes that he and Trey will lose on Erazor's next turn. He starts his turn and examines his hand while an exhausted, but concerned, Trey looks on. His hand contains "Release, Reverse, Burst, "Gillagillancer" and "Overlay Stopper"; Yuma tries to think of a way to stop Erazor with these cards. Erazor thinks that while Yuma is racking his brains, it's useless. He has "Cicada Force" Set. When "Cicada King" is attacked, "Cicada Force" will destroy all face-up monsters Trey and Yuma control. Yuma is frustrated because he cannot do anything with his current hand, but he hears a weak "Yuma..." next to him. He turns around to find Tori and the rest of the Number Club getting up. Caswell also mutters, "Yuma," while Flip weakly encourages Yuma that he can do it. Cathy and Bronk also cheer Yuma on. Yuma is relieved that his friends are cheering him on. Erazor and Heartland, on the other hand, are stunned; the Club's memories were already stolen, yet they managed to remember Yuma. Trey responds that this is because they are Yuma's friends. Heartland chides him for playing "friendship" with them. Trey yells at him to shut up; even if the Club's memories are taken away, the feelings they have for Yuma will not change. Yuma realizes that Trey is right. Tori smiles weakly, raises a fist and encourages Yuma to win (Tori voicing further support for Yuma is cut from the dub). Yuma glances at Trey, who nods in determination. He understands that he still has friends who will fight alongside him and vows to fight with them. Yuma tells Trey that he will lend "Utopia" to him, confusing the Arclight (this exchange is cut from the dub). He activates "Release, Reverse, Burst", sending an Xyz Monster to the Graveyard to destroy all Set Spell/Trap Cards his opponent controls. He sends "Utopia" to the Graveyard as the cost and a thunderbolt destroys Erazor's "Cicada Force". Erazor curses at his card's destruction, but says that Yuma and Trey will still lose by his next turn. As he controls no monsters, Yuma Special Summons "Gillagillancer" to Trey's field. He reveals its secondary effect; Trey will take 500 damage at the end of his next turn, while Yuma gains 500 LP. Erazor tells him to hold on; Trey only has 200 LP left - will Yuma kill his own friend to save himself? Yuma looks at the last card in his hand. He muses that this will be his ace card to show that he believes in his friends. Yuma Sets the card and ends his turn.

Erazor reiterates that Yuma will defeat his own friend to save himself (in the dub, Erazor directs this observation to Trey, saying Trey will turn against Yuma in a desperate attempt to survive), but Trey tells him to shut up again; real friends aren't like that at all. He says he will prove it and draws. He remembers that Yuma planned to do something with his Set card. Trey activates "Orichalcum Chain", letting him Xyz Summon an Xyz Monster with one less Overlay Unit. He urges Yuma on and he agrees. Trey overlays the Level 6 "Gillagillancer" to Xyz Summon "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis" in Attack Positin. Trey activates its effect, equipping it with a "Number" monster from the Graveyard and gaining ATK equal to that monster's ATK. He equips "Utopia" to "Atlandis". Erazor understands now - Yuma used "Release Reverse Burst" to not only destroy his Set card, but to also get "Utopia" in the Graveyard. As "Utopia" disappears into the abdominal cavity of "Atlandis," Trey calls the effect the light of hope emitted through the bonds of friends by battle and the ATK of "Atlandis" increases to 5100 (in the dub, Trey calls this effect the power of two "Numbers" packed into one). "Pyramid Eye Tablet" also gives "Atlandis" 800 more ATK, bringing it up to 5900. Erazor says the ATK of "Cicada King" is only 4700; he will only take 1200 damage. Trey asks if he is so sure and attacks "Cicada King" with "Atlandis". The fist of "Atlandis" glows with orange energy, but Yuma activates his Set "Overlay Stopper" to negate the attack of an Xyz Monster, causing the glow to fade. Heartland asks why Yuma stopped Trey's attack. Trey responds that he did it to grasp their true victory. Yuma follows up with "Double or Nothing!", since an attack was negated. Erazor is horrified that the combo Yuma attempted earlier was resurrected. This doubles the ATK of "Atlandis" to 11800. Trey continues that "Reservation Reward" doubles the ATK further to 23600. Erazor repeats the value in astonishment and Trey continues his attack with "Atlandis". As the volcano of "Atlandis" erupts and expels "Utopia", Trey and Yuma chant, "When the heritage of God harbors a light of hope beyond human intelligence, judgment by forged by the heat of bonds is dealt! Go! This is the power of friendship! Hope Sword Atlanthal Slash!" (their chant is omitted in the dub) "Utopia" destroys "Cicada King" by slashing it in an X formation. As Erazor's LP hit 0, he reverts back to his human form, then disappears. Heartland yells Erazor's name. Erazor's "Number" card is left behind and falls to the ground. Heartland mutters Yuma's name in disdain and disappears into a portal. As Heartland disappears, Tori and the rest of the Number Club return to their senses, confused about what just happened. Yuma walks up to his friends and they ask about what happened.

Outside the memorial, Yuma thanks his friends for encouraging him during the Duel. He approaches Trey and hands him "Cicada King" as proof of their friendship; he was able to obtain it thanks to him. Trey says he understands and promises to look after the card. Yuma nods in approval and mentally asks Astral if he saw the Duel. He thought he was sad and useless without him. But he has friends, meaning that he cannot stay depressed forever. However, Yuma still does not feel the same without Astral by his side.

Featured Duels: Yuma Tsukumo and Trey vs. Erazor

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Turn 1: Erazor

Number 3 is Summoned

"Number 3: Cicada King"" is Summoned.

Erazor Normal Summons "Oily Cicada" (1000/1000). As he controls a face-up Attack Position Insect-Type monster, he Special Summons "Dream Cicada" (300/1300) from his hand in Attack Position via its own effect. As it was Summoned that way, its other effect activates, letting Erazor switch an Insect-Type monster's battle position. He switches "Oily Cicada" to Defense Position, which activates its effect and allows it be treated as two Overlay Units for an Xyz Summon. Erazor overlays his two Level 3 monsters treated as three to Xyz Summon "Number 3: Cicada King" (1200/2500) in Defense Position. Erazor Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Yuma

Utopia is Summoned

"Utopia" is Summoned.

Yuma draws "Double or Nothing!", while his hand contains "Gagaga Magician", "Kagetokage", "Reservation Reward", "Gillagillancer" and "Overlay Stopper". Yuma Normal Summons "Gagaga Magician" (1500/1000). As he Normal Summoned a Level 4 or lower monster, Yuma Special Summons "Kagetokage" (1100/1500) from his hand in Attack Position by its own effect. Yuma overlays his two Level 4 monsters to Xyz Summon "Number 39: Utopia" in Attack Position. He then activates the Continuous Spell Card "Reservation Reward". Whenever a monster is targeted by a Quick-Play Spell Card, it will gain the ability to inflict piercing damage and Yuma may reveal a Quick-Play Spell Card from his hand, which he can then Set and activate in the same turn. The monster targeted by that card will have its ATK doubled during the Battle Phase. He reveals and Sets "Double or Nothing!". "Utopia" attacks "Cicada King", with Yuma activating its effect, detaching an Overlay Unit ("Utopia" ORU 2 → 1) to negate his own attack. As his opponent activated a monster effect, Erazor activates the effect of "Cicada King", detaching an Overlay Unit ("Cicada King" ORU 2 → 1) to negate the effects of "Utopia" and increase its own DEF by 500 (2500 → 3000). The attack continues (Yuma 2000 → 1500).

Turn 3: Trey

Number 33 is Summon

"Machu Mech" is Summoned.

As he controls no monsters, Trey Special Summons "Chronomaly Moai Carrier" (900/1800) from his hand in Attack Position by its own effect. As he controls a "Chronomaly" monster, he Special Summons "Chronomaly Winged Sphinx" (1600/1900) from his hand in Attack Position via its own effect. Trey overlays his two Level 5 monsters to Xyz Summon "Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech" (2400/1500) in Attack Position. Trey activates the Continuous Spell Card "Chronomaly Pyramid Eye Tablet", which increases the ATK of all "Chronomaly" monsters by 800 (2400 → 3200). As the ATK of a monster was changed, Trey activates the effect of "Machu Mech", detaching an Overlay Unit ("Machu Mech" ORU 2 → 1) to inflict the difference between the current and ATKs to Erazor as damage. As his opponent activated a monster effect, Erazor activates the effect of "Cicada King", detaching an Overlay Unit ("Cicada King" ORU 1 → 0) to negate the effects of "Machu Mech" and increase its own DEF by 500 (3000 → 3500). Trey uses "Reservation Reward" to reveal and Set "Heart of Stone". "Machu Mech" attacks "Cicada King" (Trey 2000 → 1700). Trey activates his face-down "Heart of Stone", letting a "Chronomaly" monster attack again if its attack was unsuccessful, with "Reservation Reward" doubling the ATK of "Mach Mech" (3200 → 6400) and letting it inflict piercing damage. "Machu Mech" attacks "Cicada King", but Erazor activates his face-down "Cicada Illusion", letting a face-up Defense Position Insect-Type monster he controls not be destroyed by battle. If its battle position is changed, it will gain ATK equal to its DEF (Erazor 8000 → 5100). Trey Sets a card.

Turn 4: Erazor

Number 3 Switch to Attack Mode

"Cicada King" is switched to Attack Position.

Erazor switches "Cicada King" to Attack Position, causing it to gain ATK equal to its DEF by the effect of "Cicada Illusion" (1200 → 4700). "Cicada King" attacks "Utopia", but Trey activates his face-down "Orichalcum Mirage", changing the attack target to a "Chronomaly" monster he controls. "Machu Mech" becomes the new attack target and is destroyed (Trey 1700 → 200). As he inflicted battle damage, Erazor activates his face-down "Final Cicada". During his next Standby Phase, he can send it to the Graveyard to inflict damage to his opponent equal to the battle damage he inflicted. Erazor Sets a card.

Turn 5: Yuma

Release Reverse Burst tirggers

Yuma activates "Release, Reverse, Burst".

Yuma activates "Release, Reverse, Burst", letting him Tribute an Xyz Monster to destroy all face-down Spell/Trap Cards Erazor controls. He Tributes "Utopia", destroying Erazor's face-down "Cicada Force". As he controls no monsters, Yuma Special Summons "Gillagillancer" (2200/800) from his hand in Attack Position to Trey's field, but Trey will take 500 damage during his next End Phase. Yuma Sets a card.

Turn 6: Trey

Number 6 is Summoned

"Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis" is Summoned.

Trey activates "Orichalcum Chain". Once, while it is face-up, he can Xyz Summon an Xyz Monster with one less Overlay Unit than usually required, but if "Orichalcum Chain" is destroyed, control of the Summoned monster will be given to the opponent. Trey uses the effect now, overlaying Yuma's Level 6 "Gillagillancer" to Xyz Summon "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis" (2600/3000) in Attack Position. As it was Xyz Summoned, its effect activates, letting Trey choose a "Number" monster in the Graveyard and equip it to "Atlandis", increasing its ATK by that of the equipped "Number". He equips "Utopia" (2600 → 5100), while "Pyramid Eye Tablet" increases
Yuma and Trey Win

Yuma and Trey win.

its ATK further (5100 → 5900). "Atlandis" attacks "Cicada King", but Yuma activates his face-down "Overlay Stopper", negating the attack and attaching that card to "Atlandis" as an Overlay Unit ("Atlandis" ORU 1 → 2). As an attack was negated, Yuma activates his face-down "Double or Nothing!", allowing "Atlandis" to attack again and doubling its ATK (5900 → 11800). Then, the effect of "Reservation Reward" activates, doubling the ATK of "Atlandis" (11800 → 23600) as it was targeted by a Quick-Play Spell Card. "Atlandis" attacks and destroys "Cicada King" (Erazor 5100 → 0).


In the dub, Yuma declares "Light Wing Shield" when "Utopia" is about to stop its own attack. Usually, he declares that when "Utopia" stops the opponent's attack, not his own, as "Utopia" drops its blades when the attack was coming from itself, and uses the "Light Wing Shield" to block an opponent's attack.

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Yuma Tsukumo