"Take a Chance", formerly known as "Sibling Rivalry" and known as "Shark vs. Rio - The 100th Squabble Duel" in the Japanese version, is the ninety-first episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on February 17, 2013 and in the United States on December 14, 2013.

On the way to school Bronk is helped with an injury by Shark's little sister, Rio. Bronk becomes love-struck by Rio's gentleness. Yuma and the Numbers Club are in an uproar over Bronk's first love! At first, Bronk challenges Shark to a Duel in order to win her brother's permission, but he flat out declines. Remarks from Flip and Caswell lead to a huge misunderstanding, that results in the worst sibling quarrel in the history of the entire world!!


ZXx091 Rio helps Bronk

Rio treats Bronk's injury.

Yuma is running late to school and meets Bronk on his way. Bronk goes ahead of Yuma but a flock of ducks come by. He pushes his skateboard down to decelerate, resulting in him being thrown from his board but avoiding the ducks. Then, Rio arrives and asks if he is well, noticing the scrape Bronk received in his accident. Bronk gets to his feet and answers positively. As Rio helps with Bronk's injury by tying her handkerchief around his arm, he is surprised by her kindness. Bronk thanks Rio and Rio leaves for school with Bronk moved by Rio's concern. Yuma and Astral go to school on Bronk's skateboard.

At lunch time in the classroom, Bronk is still love-struck by Rio, and his friends are at an uproar of what he should do. Everyone is attempting to dissuade him, but Ray suggests if he Duels Shark and wins, he could date Rio without any problems. Bronk then fantasizes about beating Shark and he and Rio embracing at their wedding.

Wedding fantasy Rio

Bronk's first fantasy.

Bronk rushes out to go and Duel Shark. Yuma wonders what is happening. Shark, who now knows of Bronk's intentions, refuses the Duel, saying Bronk would never be able to beat him, then saying that he is not even at Yuma's level. Bronk greatly misunderstands Shark's words and thinks that Yuma is dating Rio. Caswell and Flip hear this exchange.

Yuma and Rio marry in Bronk's fantasy

Bronk's second fantasy.

Bronk then has a fantasy where Yuma and Rio are to be wed and all their friends are there for the wedding, with Astral flying around them. He then drops to his knees and thinks that Yuma is the only one that Shark will accept as Rio's boyfriend. Caswell and Flip are surprised.

Scandal Yuma

The article's cover page.

The next day, a story is printed in the school publication on how Yuma and Rio are allegedly dating and that he is the only one Shark approves of. Many boys are crying, now that Rio is apparently in a relationship. The story is the most discussed topic in the school. Tori is surprised, but Caswell and Flip say that they heard it from Shark. Caswell says that Rio and Yuma are "a most sensational couple", which angers Tori and Cathy.

Scandal Shark

The article in the school paper.

Bronk calls Yuma to the roof to talk about Rio. Yuma is oblivious to Bronk's misconceptions and does not even know about the story. Bronk speaks about how he sees Yuma as his best friend. Bronk then says that if Yuma breaks Rio's heart, there would be consequences. Yuma still does not understand, but Bronk continues. Bronk says that Shark approves of. Then Rio appears, and from what she has heard, assumes that Shark began the rumor. Everyone goes to the tennis court to confront Shark. At the tennis courts, Rio talks to shark telling him that this is not okay, Shark responds by saying that he has no idea what Rio is talking about. He starts to leave, but then Rio mocks him by telling everyone that he has a strange fear of onions and threatens to tell Flip to blog about it all over the school net, causing Shark to stop and duel Rio.

After the duel, the truth is told as Shark says that he will duel Bronk, if he was at Yuma's level of dueling, shock the latter himself. Hearing the truth, both Caswell and Flip realized that they misunderstood the conversation. Bronk asked Rio to have a duel, which she accepts. Before Caswell and Flip sneak off, they were asked by Rio to have time to talk, which shook them in fear and run off (the dubbed version of the episode ends just before they run off). Yuma asked what was the Dueling squabble all about, but was told by Tori and Cathy that there is no need to know as they pinch his butt cheeks, while Yuma has no idea about it.

Featured Duel: Rio Kastle vs. Reginald "Shark" Kastle


Shark Summons "Submersible Carrier Aero Shark".

Turn 1: Shark

Shark Normal Summons "Big Jaws" (1800/300). As he Normal or Special Summoned a Fish-Type monster, he Special Summons "Shark Stickers" (200/1000) from his hand via its own effect. He overlays his two Level 3 monsters to Xyz Summon "Submersible Carrier Aero Shark" (1900/1000) in Attack Position. Shark activates the effect of "Aero Shark", detaching an Overlay Unit ("Aero Shark" ORU 2 → 1) to inflict 400 damage to his opponent for each card in his hand.

"Guard Penguin" negates the effect damage.

Rio Special Summons "Guard Penguin" (0/1200) from her hand in Attack Position via its own effect by reducing the damage to 0. Shark activates the Field Spell Card, "Aqua Gate", which will let him negate a number of attacks per turn equal to the number of Set Spell and Trap Cards he controls. Shark Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Rio
Rio Normal Summons "Blizzard Falcon" (1500/1500). She overlays her two Level 4 monsters to Xyz Summon "Ice Beast Zerofyne" (2000/2200) in Attack Position. Rio activates the effect of "Zerofyne", detaching an Overlay Unit ("Zerofyne" ORU 2 → 1) to negate the effects of all other cards on the field until her next Standby Phase, while having one of her opponent's monsters lose 300 ATK for each negated card. "Aero Shark" loses 600 ATK, since two cards were negated (1900 → 1300). She equips "Zerofyne" with "Wings of Silence", increasing its ATK by 300 (2000 → 2300) and causing it to be unaffected by the effects of the opponent's Spell and Trap Cards. "Zerofyne" attacks and destroys "Aero Shark" (Shark 4000 → 3000). As a WATER Xyz Monster he controls was destroyed by battle, Shark activates his face-down "Ghost Salvage", letting him Special Summon that monster and its Overlay Units from the Graveyard with their effects negated. He Special Summons "Aero Shark" (1900/1000), "Big Jaws" (1800/300) and "Shark Stickers" (200/1000). Next, Shark activates his face-down "Full Armored Xyz", letting him target an Xyz Monster he controls and Xyz Summon another Xyz Monster. He can then equip the target to the newly Summoned monster, increasing its ATK by the ATK of the equipped monster. He targets "Aero Shark", then overlays his two Level 3 monsters to Xyz Summon "Black Ray Lancer" (2100/600) and equip it with "Aero Shark". Rio Sets a card.


"Black Ray Lancer" equipped with "Aero Shark" by the effect of "Full Armored Xyz".

Turn 3: Shark
Shark activates "Break Stream", letting him target an Xyz Monster he controls and prevent the opponent from activating Spell and Trap cards when that monster attacks. In addition, each time it destroys an opponent's monster by battle this turn, he can destroy a Spell or Trap Card the opponent controls. He targets "Black Ray Lancer". "Black Ray Lancer" attacks and destroys "Zerofyne" (Rio 4000 → 2300), destroying Rio's Set card. It is "Ice Fire Egg", which activates when it is destroyed. Rio may Special Summon a WATER Xyz Monster from her Graveyard, whose ATK and DEF will be reduced to 0. It will also be treated as having a Level one higher than its original Rank. She Special Summons "Zerofyne" (0/0). Shark Sets a card.

Turn 4: Rio
Rio draws and activates the Field Spell Card "Land of Frozen Flames" which will allow both players to treat a WATER monster as two Overlay Units when Xyz Summoning. Treating "Zerofyne" as two Overlay Units now, Rio overlays it to Xyz Summon "Ice Princess Zereort" (2500/2100) in Attack Position. Rio activates the effect of "Zereort", detaching the overlaid "Zerofyne" ("Zereort" ORU 1 → 0) to reduce the ATK of "Black Ray Lancer" to 0 (4000 → 0). "Zereort" attacks "Black Ray Lancer" (Shark 3000 → 500), but Shark activates the effect of "Full Armored Xyz", sending the equipped "Aero Shark" to the Graveyard to prevent the destruction of "Black Ray Lancer" by battle" ("Black Ray Lancer" 4000 → 2100).

Turn 5: Shark


Shark Summons "Shark Caesar".

Shark Normal Summons "Drill Barnacle" (300/0). He then equips "Black Ray Lancer" with his face-down "Xyz Crown", letting him treat it as a Level 3 monster and allowing it to be treated as two Overlay Units for an Xyz Summon. "Drill Barnacle" is also treated as two Overlay Units via the effect of "Land of Frozen Flames". Shark overlays his two Level 3 monsters treated as four to Xyz Summon "Shark Caesar" (1800/2000) in Attack Position. Shark activates the effect of "Shark Caesar", detaching an Overlay Unit ("Shark Caesar" ORU 2 → 1) to increase its ATK by the original number of Overlay Units required to Xyz Summon it minus the current number of Overlay Units attached to it x 1000. (1800 → 4800). "Shark Caesar" attacks and destroys "Zereort" (Rio 2300 → 0).

Differences in adaptations

  • The scene where Bronk shouts that "Shark will only accept Yuma as Rio's boyfriend" is cut. Instead, it is replaced by the quote, "Nice talking to you, Shark". Also, the reaction of "Caswell" and "Flip" is cut, instead the scene is replaced by Caswell and Flip trying to listen to the conservation.
  • The scandal and the gossip is cut.
  • When Rio presents the newspaper article, the Japanese characters are replaced with the text "Yuma + Rio" with an heart background. Also, in the dub, it is presented as being on Flip's blog, "Flip's Daily Quips".
  • The scene where Rio mentions Shark's dislike for pepper is changed to a fear of onions.


  • Right before Shark's final turn, the backs of Rio's cards were shown with the card backings used at the beginning of series.
  • In one of the newspaper articles about Rio and Yuma, one of her bangs that is usually colored blue is purple instead.

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Reginald "Shark" Kastle
Rio Kastle
Bronk's fantasy