The following glitches are present in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel.

  • Bandit Keith, has an unplayable card in his deck; a level 1 monster with 0 ATK/DEF and no card art. This card disappears from his hand after it is drawn.
    • Sometimes the screen will randomly go to a screen where Keith declares the duel a draw.
    • When he activates "Gamble", and calls it wrong, you better hope to finish him off that turn, or stop his card with anything you have, because when the game tries to go to his turn, it skips it, which ends the duel, (which it shouldn't, as it should let you start another turn) resulting in a DRAW.
  • If you have already begun to have the random announcements proclaiming that rare hunters are on the loose and enter one of the tournaments there is a chance that Marik will show up as your random opponent, even if you haven't faced him in the normal storyline.
  • Fighting Espa Roba the day before a Challenge Cup makes it not happen, for some reason.
  • If you or your opponent uses Graceful Dice or Skull Dice, the game will likely freeze at the end of the cut scene which rolls the die for these cards' effects. This can be bypassed by holding down the A button to skip the cut scene, however.
  • If you don't like your target week targets press START to bring up the language menu. Then leave the language alone and press B the guy will announce target week again and give you two new targets.
  • If you revive "The Immortal of Thunder" face-down with "Spear Cretin's" effect and your opponent attacks and destroys it you get 3000 Life Points from the Flip Effect and they lose 5000 Life Points when the copy of Immortal is put in their graveyard. (Spear Cretin just creates copies of cards from the graveyards that, once destroyed, end up in the wrong graveyard)
  • Use Change of Heart twice in one turn, on 2 different monsters that are next to each other. When you end your turn, the first card will return normally, but when the second returns it overlaps the first, never to be seen again anywhere that duel.
  • Normally Hourglass of Courage has to be face-up on the field for 3 full turns for its double ATK/DEF effect to work, but if you use Call of the Haunted to revive it during your opponent's turn, its effect is applied on your next turn, even though this is only the second turn.
  • If you destroy a monster with Zombyra the Dark and then Zombyra is removed and replaced with another monster, e.g. through the effect of Cyber Jar or Ultimate Offering, the monster newly in the zone formerly occupied by Zombyra will lose 200 ATK points due to Zombyras effect.
  • If you use Change of Heart on an opponent's monster and have Total Defense Shogun summoned, and when in battle phase attack with Total Defense Shogun first, the controlled monster will not be able to attack.
  • If you duel Kaiba and he has Nightmare's Steelcage in play, he may still be able to attack, even though the card's effect prevents attacking from either player.
  • If you run an Exodia deck, you may end up winning the duel even if you don't have all 5 pieces in your hand.
  • If you summon Copycat, copy an opponent's monster's ATK/DEF via its effect, then set it face-down with another card such as Magical Hats, then flip it back up you can use its effect a second time to add the ATK/DEF of an opponents monster to the already copied ATK/DEF Copycat originally took. Eg Copycat 'copies' Blue-Eyes White Dragon, 3000ATK, then set Copycat via Magical Hats, then flip up to 'copy' again to have a 6000ATK Copycat on field.
  • Your opponent can still Set Spell and Trap cards after you played Cold Wave.

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