1. Activate Tribute to the Doomed by discarding Dark Hole. Destroy one of your Divine Dragon - Excelion.

2. Activate Back to Square One by discarding Premature Burial. Return one of your Divine Dragon - Excelion to the top of your deck.

3. Activate Next to be Lost. Select the remaining Divine Dragon - Excelion to send one copy of that card from your deck to your graveyard.

4. Activate Monster Reincarnation. Discard Hysteric Fairy to return one of your Divine Dragon - Excelion from your graveyard to your hand.

5. Summon Divine Dragon - Excelion and, when its effect is activated, choose the following options: "Raise ATK by 1000" and "Cause damage equal to the ATK of the monster destroyed in battle".

6. Attack any of the three Metalzoas with your Divine Dragon - Excelion.

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