Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2006 Puzzle: Trio of Sheep

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1. Activate Lightning Vortex by discarding Makyura the Destructor

2. Activate Ultimate Offering from your hand (don't use its effect yet)

3. Activate Monster Reincarnation, discarding Maju Garzett, and get Makyura the Destructor from the graveyard

4. Summon Makyura the Destructor in attack mode and change Gear Golem the Moving Fortress to attack mode

5. Go to battle phase

6. Attack with all three monsters

7. Go to Main Phase 2

8. Activate Ojama Trio

9. Activate Ultimate Offering's effect

10. Summon Crush D. Gandra and activate its effect (destroying all monsters to win)

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