1. Activate Armed Dragon LV7's effect. Discard Soul Tiger from your hand to destroy all Sheep Tokens on your opponent's side of the field.

2. Flip Magician of Faith to face-up Attack position. Return Creature Swap from you graveyard to your hand. Do not activate the face-down Torrential Tribute on your side of the field.

3. Tribute Man-Eater Bug and Magician of Faith to summon The Creator.

4. Activate The Creator's effect by discarding Tsukuyomi. Special Summon Soul Tiger from your graveyard in Attack position.

5. Activate Creature Swap. Grant control of your Soul Tiger to your opponent to gain control of Elemental Hero Erikshieler.

6. Attack Soul Tiger with Elemental Hero Erikshieler.

7. Attack with the rest of the monsters.

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