This is the 16th duel puzzle for the GBA game: Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters World Championship Tournament 2006.

This is the solution:

Step 1: Summon Decayed Commander and activate its effect to Special Summon Zombie Tiger.

Step 2: Activate Zombie Tiger's effect to Equip it as an Equip Spell card to Decayed Commander.

Step 3: Attack Element Valkyrie with Decayed Commander.

Step 4: Activate Roll Out! to Equip Zombie Tiger to Decayed Commander.

Step 5: Activate Combination Attack to Unequip Zombie Tiger from Decayed Commander.

Step 6: Attack with Zombie Tiger.

Step 7: Activate Formation Union to equip Zombie Tiger to Decayed Commander.

Step 8: Attack with Decayed Commander.

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