1. Flip summon both Iron Blacksmith Kotetsus and get Salamandra and Chthonian Alliance

2. Activate Shien's Spy and select a Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu

3. Flip summon Kageningen

4. Activate The League of Uniform Nomenclature and select Kageningen. Special summon two Kageningens in attack mode

5. Summon Metal Armored Bug by sacrificing a Kageningen and Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu

6. Activate A Rival Appears! and select Blue-Eyes White Dragon to summon Tyrant Dragon in attack mode

7. Activate Book of Moon and use its effect on Blue-Eyes White Dragon

8. Activate Molten Destruction

9. Activate Salamandra and apply its effect on Tenkabito Shien

10. Activate Chthonian Alliance and apply its effect to a Kageningen

11. Go into battle phase

12. Attack Blue-Eyes White Dragon with Tenkabito Shien

13. Attack Obnoxious Celtic Guard and Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu with Tyrant Dragon

14. Attack with rest of monsters to win

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