1. Flip Tornado Bird face up and select your opponent's Sakuretsu Armor and Bottomless Trap Hole

2. Activate Collapse and select Gogiga Gagagigo

3. Activate White Dragon Ritual and tribute Tyrant Dragon to summon Paladin of White Dragon in attack mode

4. Activate Premature Burial and select Goblin Attack Force

5. Activate Mystik Wok and select Goblin Attack Force and choose ATK

6. Summon Harpie Girl in attack mode

7. Go into battle phase

8. Attack Stone Statue of the Aztecs with Harpie Girl and chain Damage Condenser after the damage step to summon Tyrant Dragon in attack mode (and discarding Ancient Gear Golem)

9. Attack Ultimate Obedient Fiend with Paladin of White Dragon

10. Activate Windstorm of Etaqua

11. Attack both Stone Statue of the Aztecs and Gogiga Gagagigo with Tyrant Dragon

12. Attack with Blade Knight to win

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