1.Activate Swords of the Revealing Light.

2.Chain with Dust Tornado to destroy Bottomless Trap Hole.

3.Chain with Emergency Provision and send Swords of the Revealing Light,Book of Taiyou and Dust Tornado to the Graveyard.

4.Activate Brain Control and select Chiron the Mage

5.Activate the effect of Chiron the Mage, discarding Book of Moon to destroy Sakuretsu Armor.

6.Chain Divine Wrath with the opponent's monster effect, discarding Luminous Soldier to destroy it.

7.Activate Van'Dalgyon's effect and Special Summon him to the field.

8.Special Summon Luminous Soldier in Attack Position.

9.Flip Magician of Faith face-up and take back Brain Control.

10.Activate Brain Control and select Ancient Gear Golem.

11.Activate System Down.

13.Enter Battle Phase.

14.Direct Attack with all Monsters for the win.

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