1. Summon Elemental Hero Avian in attack mode.

2. Activate Double Attack, sending Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman to the graveyard, applying effect to Elemental Hero Avian.

3. Set all Spell Cards on the field.

4. Special summon Elemental Hero Bubbleman in attack mode.

5. Activate Giant Trunade to return all Spell cards to your hand.

6. Activate The Warrior Returning Alive to get Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman from your graveyard to your hand.

7. Special summon Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman in attack mode.

8. Equip Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman with Bubble Blaster.

9. Go into Battle Phase.

10. Attack Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth with Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman.

11. Attack twice with Elemental Hero Avian and win.

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