1. Activate Monster Reincarnation, sending Full Salvo to the graveyard, to get Elemental Hero Burstinatrix

2. Use Polymerization to summon Elemental Hero Flame Wingman in attack mode

3. Summon Elemental Hero Sparkman in attack mode

4. Set Chthonian Blast and Giant Trunade on the field

5. Special summon Elemental Hero Bubbleman in attack mode

6. Use Giant Trunade to get cards back into your hand

7. Flip Magician of Faith and get Bubble Illusion from the graveyard

8. Activate Bubble Illusion

9. Go into battle phase

10. Attack Cyber Blader with Elemental Hero Flame Wingman and activate Chthonian Blast from your hand after they are both sent to the graveyard; with Chthonian Blast's effect, select Marshmallon

11. Attack with other monsters

12. Go into main phase 2

13. Activate Thunder Crash to win

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