"Blue Girl's First Battle!" is the fifty-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It aired in Japan on June 13, 2018, and became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on the same day.

Having received a request from the Wind Ignis, Soulburner commences a Duel against Blue Girl. While he receives some damage due to Blue Girl's Trickstars, he still manages to summon Salamangreat Heatleo and launch an attack with it. However, Blue Girl then proceeds to drive Soulburner into a corner with her new tactics. Who will ultimately win this Duel...

Featured Duel: Soulburner vs. Blue Girl

Blue Girl VS Soulburner

The Duel is conducted as a Speed Duel.

Turn 1: Blue Girl
Blue Girl Activates "Trickstar Vision" to Special Summon a "Trickstar" Monster from her hand, but its ATK is halved and its effects are negated, and each player draws one card. She Special Summons "Trickstar Lilybell" (800/2000), and its ATK is halved (800→ 400 ATK) and its effects are negated. Then, she and Soulburner each draw one card. Blue Girl then activates the effect of "Trickstar Lycoris" from her hand. She targets "Lilybell" to Special Summon "Lycoris", then returns "Lilybell" to the hand. Because "Lilybell" was added to the hand by a means other than drawing, it is Special Summoned from the hand. Blue Girl. She uses "Lilybell" and "Lycoris" as Link Material to Link Summon "Trickstar Divaridis" (1800/LINK-2/↙↓). Because it was summoned this turn, the effect of "Divaridis" activates, inflicting 200 points of damage (Soulburner: 4000 → 3800 LP). She then activates the Field Spell "Trickstar Light Stage", allowing her to add a "Trickstar" monster from her graveyard to her hand, and Special Summon a "Trickstar Token" (0/0) next to a Link Monster's Link. She uses it to return "Lycoris" to her hand, and Special Summon "Trickstar Token" next to "Divaridis'" Link. She tributes "Trickstar Token" to Tribute Summon "Trickstar Birdhelm". Because it was Normal Summoned, Birdhelm's effect inflicts 200 points of damage (Soulburner: 3800 → 3600 LP), allows Blue Girl to draw one card, and prevents her from conducting the Battle Phase. She then activates the effect of "Trickstar Lycoris" from her hand this time targeting "Birdhelm" to Special Summon it, then returns "Birdhelm" to the hand. Blue Girl activates "Birdhelm's" effect from the hand, allowing her to equip it onto one "Trickstar" monster. "Birdhelm" equips to "Divaridis".

Turn 2: Soulburner

By adding a card to his hand, Blue Girl activates the effect of "Trickstar Lycoris", inflicting 200 points of damage (Soulburner: 3600 → 3400 LP). Soulburner activates the effect of "Salamangreat Meer" in his hand, By discarding a "Salamangreat" monster, "Meer" Special Summons itself. He discards "Salamangreat Falco" to Summon "Salamangreat Meer" (800/600). When a monster is Summoned to Soulburner's Field, "Trickstar Divaridis" ' effect activates, inflicting 200 damage to Soulburner (Soulburner: 3400 → 3200 LP). Soulburner activates the effect of "Salamangreat Falco" from his Graveyard, to let him return a "Salamangreat" Monster from the Field to his Hand to Spacial Summon "Falco", He returns "Salamangreat Meer" to his hand to Summon "Falco" (1200/1600), "Lycoris" and "Divaridis" ' effects triggers, As Soulburner adds a card to his hand and summons a monster to his field, they both inflict 200 damage to him, So that's a 400 points of damage (Soulburner: 3200 → 2800 LP), as "Meer" is added to the hand except by normal drawing it, it Special Summons itself to the Field (800/600), "Divaridis" effect triggers, inflicting 200 Damage (Soulburner: 2800 → 2600 LP). Soulburner Normal Summons "Salamangreat Wolvie" (1700/????), "Divaridis" ' effect triggers (Soulburner: 2600 → 2400). Soulburner sets "Meer", "Falco" and "Wolvie" in the Link Markers to Link Summon "Salamangreat Heatleo" (2300/LINK 3/↑↙↘). Soulburner intends to activate "Heatleo"'s Effect to return "Trickstar Birdhelm" equiped to "Trickstar Divaridis" to Blue Girl's Deck, but "Trickstar Birdhelm" stops Soulburner from targeting "Birdhelm" and " Divaridis" with card effects. Soulburner sets one card, "Salamangreat Heatleo" attacks "Trickstar Divaridis", but Blue Girl activates the effect of "Trickstar Calobane" from her hand, by sending it to the graveyard,"Trickstar Divaridis" gains ATK equal to its original ATK ("Trickstar Divaridis":1800 → 3600 ATK), the battle continues and "Heatleo" isn't destroyed due to "Salamangreat Wolvie"'s effect (as it was sent to the graveyard for its link summon), but Soulburner still takes the Battle Damage (Soulburner: 2200 → 900 LP). During the End Phase, "Trickstar Divaridis"'s ATK returns to its original value ("Trickstar Divaridis": 3600 → 1800 ATK).

Turn 3: Blue Girl

Blue Girl activates the effect of "Trickstar Light Stage" to Special Summon a "Trickstar Token" (0/0). The effect of "Birdhelm" triggers to deal 200 damage. Soulburner activates the Continuous Trap "Gate of Fire", preventing either player from taking effect damage that is 300 or less. Blue Girl activates her Skill, "Trickstar Gig", which forces her to send one card to the Graveyard for each "Trickstar " monster on her field, then allows her to add one of the "Trickstar" cards sent to the Graveyard to her hand. She then uses "Lilybell" and "Trickstar Token" to Link Summon "Trickstar Holly Angel" (2000/LINK-2/↙↘). "Trickstar Light Stage" activates, summon a "Trickstar Token (0/0)" next to "Holly Angel's" Link. Blue Girl then activates "Trickstar Fusion" from hand, using "Holly Angel" and "Trickstar Token" as Fusion Material to Fusion Summon "Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar" (2200/1200). The effect "Divaridis" receives from "Birdhelm" activates to deal 200 damage, and the effect of "Sweet Guitar" doubles the damage of "Trickstar" Link Monsters linked to it, making the effect damage from "Divaridis" 400, preventing "Gate of Fire" from negating it (Soulburner: 900 → 500 LP). Since Soulburner took effect damage from a "Trickstar" monster's effect, "Sweet Guitar gains ATK equal to the damage inflicted ("Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar" :2200 → 2600 ATK ). Blue Girl thes uses "Trickar Fusion's" effect from the graveyard, banishing it to return "Trickstar Calobane" from her Graveyard to her hand, though it can't be summoned this turn. "Sweet Guitar" attacks "Heatleo", and Soulburner discards "Salamangreat Raccoon" to recover life points equal to the opponent's attacking monster (Soulburner: 500 → 3100 LP), prevent the activation of card effects during the current battle, and prevent "Heatleo' from being destroyed by battle, but he still takes battle damage (Soulburner: 3100 → 2800 LP). "Divaridis" attacks "Heatleo", and Blue Girl uses "Calobane's" effect to raise "Divaridis'" ATK ("Trickstar Divaridis": 1800 → 3600 ATK). "Heatleo isn't destroyed, but Soulburner still takes damage (Soulburner: 2800 → 1500 LP). Since it attacked, "Sweet Guitar's" ATK returns to normal during the End Phase ("Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar": 2600 → 2200 ATK), but Blue Girl is allowed to add a "Trickstar" monster from the graveyard to her hand. She adds "Calobane" to her hand.

Turn 4: Soulburner
Soulburner activates his Skill, "Burning Draw". By reducing his LP to 100 (Soulburner: 1500 → 100 LP), he draws a card for each 1000 LP lost. He loses enough LP to draw one card. He then activates the card he drew, "Fusion of Fire", which allows him to Fusion Summon using monsters on either side of the field as Fusion Material. Soulburner uses his "Heatleo" and Blue Girl's "Divaridis" as Material to Fusion Summon "Salamangreat Violet Chimera" (2800/2000). "Violet Chimera's" successful Fusion Summoning activates its effect, granting it ATK equal to half of the total ATK of the monsters used as Material until the End Phase ("Salamangreat Violet Chimera": 2800 → 4850 ATK). "Violet Chimera" attacks "Sweet Guitar", and Blue Girl activates "Calobane's" effect from the hand, discarding it to double "Sweet Guitar's" ATK ("Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar": 2200 → 4400 ATK). Because "Violet Chimera" is now battling a monster whose ATK is different from it's original ATK, its second effect activates, doubling its ATK ("Salamangreat Violet Chimera": 4850 → 9700 ATK). The attack continues and "Sweet Guitar" is destroyed (Blue Girl: 4000 → 0 LP).

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Blue Girl