"Idol!! Blue Angel" is the sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on June 14, 2017. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on the same day.

Aoi Zaizen works as a Charisma Duelist under the alias Blue Angel in LINK VRAINS. In order to gain recognition from her brother, Akira Zaizen, she publicly challenges Playmaker to a Duel in LINK VRAINS. However, Playmaker did not respond to her challenge. Instead, the one who appeared before her is Specter, who has disguised as her fan!


Blue Angel is seen facing of against an Unnamed Duelist in LINK VRAINS with the audience and Akira watching she then summon her Trickstar Holly Angel and attacks him directly and won the duel.After she defeated him she then thank the audience for watching and logg out.

As the young girl logged out she then drank water and went to watch the sunset.

Meanwhile at Café Nagi Shoichi discovered the true identity of Blue Angel who is actually Aoi Zaizen and the sister-in law of SOL Technologies security manager Akira Zaizen Yusaku then realizes Aoi is the student of Den Academy and his classmate.Shoichi then suggested him to meet her so that he can get a lead on Akira regarding Yusaku's stolen memories and his brother's whereabouts.Then he started teasing Yusaku that talking to Aoi would be impossible for him.Ai then asked to him why is it impossible Shoichi then playfully teases and told Ai could you imagine Yusaku talking to a woman Ai then agrees with him that it is totally impossible for Yusaku to talk to a girl and Shoichi then say that would never work due to formers poor social skills.Yusaku maintains a deadpan expression as Shoichi and Ai teases him for his poor social skills with womans.

Next day at school Ai then ask to Yusaku wheather he likes picking on girls and Yusaku angrily said he doesn't Ai then remarked that school is where all the people dress the same uniform and its hard to tell them apart.Yusaku then told him to hurry up and find her as Ai scan every area he finally saw Aoi walking and Yusaku decided to follow her in attempt to approach her.As he follows Aoi he then witness her entering Duel Club.

Naoki then caught up with Yusaku and the latter ask who is he again.Naoki is angered that Yusaku doesn't remember his name and angrily introduces himself and Yusaku agrees that they both are classmates.He then saw Yusaku having a duel disk and asked he came to join the Duel Club Yusaku said yes this is the room for Duel Club Naoki told him to not to be dumb this place isn't for losers who have no interest in LINK VRAINS.The club president Hosoda then open the door and scolded Naoki for making so much noise but welcomed Yusaku to join saying that new applicants are always welcome.Yusaku tried to nervously tell that he isn't joining until Ai said thanks on his behalf much to his dismay.

Yusaku introdues himself as a freshman to other members of the Duel Club and other members introdues themself to Yusaku as well which inculdes the club president Hosoda,second year Sato and Tanaka and freshman Suzuki and Aoi.Sato then showed him his duel disk and Yusaku pretended to be intrested saying that this is the latest duel disk which has AI program and gives you support during duels.Aoi remarks that Yusaku knows everything he then told to her that it was Naoki who bargged about it earlier.Naoki then protested saying that Aoi's brother is a big shot at SOL Technology and he provided all the members of Duel Club with latest model of duel disk Aoi then got angery and gave Naoki a stern glare which frighten him.Ai then started a conversation to AI program in Aoi's duel disk he greeted her and the AI program in her duel disk greeted Ai. Ai got dissapointed that the Ai program has no social skills.Aoi then noticed Ai which causes him to panic and returned back to normal then she noticed Yusaku has a card-loading model duel disk the same as Playmaker Yusaku then gave her a stren look Naoki then speculated that he is copying Playmaker (unaware they are the same person) and wondered why is Playmaker using the old card loading model duel disk.Aoi then asked Yusaku could she see his deck Hosada then scolded her who thought the question to be rude,but Yusaku said it was fine and polietly handed his deck to her (Which was actually his dummy deck and not the real one).Aoi then looked at his cards and was about to hand it to him with a word of thanks but Naoki then snatch the deck from her and looked at Yusaku's cards and roasted how lame the deck is and wonderd what kind of deck it is calling it as a old school deck.Hosoda then scolded him for insulting Yusaku's deck Naoki then apologize to him and grimly gave the deck back to Yusaku.Yusaku told him it's fine and what he said was right.Later Hosada started to give lesson's about Master duel and Speed duel as the lesson was going on Ai compliment Yusaku for letting them see his dummy deck instead of his real one but the latter told him to be quiet as the lesson was going

After school Yusaku silently watches the sunset before he walks to home.

Aoi then arrived at her apartment and the house maid robot greeted her and told her that Akira won't be coming to home today because of work she ignores her and left her bag in the sofa and then went to watch TV.She was then suprised to see Akira in news as he recieves question from the media regarding Playmaker's duel aganist Go Onizuka feigning ignorance that he was responsible for setting up a Duel between them. When they asked him whether there would be a match between Playmaker and Blue Angel, Akira told them that it would never happen this then causes Aoi to turn of the TV.

At night Aoi got a call from Akira he then asked her why she is unhappy.He then advises her to quit speed dueling because it's dangerous and if something happens she could die which she coldly agrees with him.Akira told the reason why he is saying this is because he cares for her deeply.After that Akira then muses to himself does she really understands.Aoi then muses to herself that she just want Akira to know that she is independent and responsible and can take responsiblities from her own.She then became determined and said that she will prove to Akira that she is stronger.She later logg in to LINK VRAINS.

As Blue Angel arrived at LINK VRAINS she turned down many duel reguest and vows to herself that she will defeat Playmaker and prove to Akira she is strong Frog and Pigeon then noticed her and the former told the latter to turn his camera on.She then issued a public challenge to Playmaker which excited the audience with Shoichi,Yusaku and Ai watching.Another man said he wished he could see Go Onizuka VS Blue Angel.She then said Playmaker where ever you are come and duel me now Revolver then commented how interesting this is and ordered Specter to do something.Ai then suggested that Yusaku should accept her challenge he told he won't accept her challenge and said him that he only fights against the Knights of Hanoi,Blue Angel isn't a member of Hanoi and he only approach Aoi regarding his stolen memories.Ai then told him but still he should accept her challenge.Yusaku then told that dueling her would be a waste of my time.The MC then declared that Playmaker vs Blue Angel is going to be an intresting duel and Playmaker isn't a real man if he doesn't accept her challenge much to Yusaku's embrassement.

Blue Angel was waiting for Playmaker to show up for a long time Frog then told her if Playmaker accepts her challenge then send him the notificaton and then he left.She then sense Knights of Hanoi presence and a young man which turns out to be Specter then approached her who claimed to be her fan but she realizes that he is lying.Specter then gave her a Dark Angel|card and told her that this card will grant her most desired wished and he wanted her to defeat Playmaker with that card.After he left Blue Angel then wondered what she is doing over here having no memory of what Specter did to her.

The next day as Yusaku walks to school Ai then reads various post of people making fun of Playmaker for not accepting Blue Angel's challenge one duelist asked is Playmaker a chicken,another duelist said that he is a coward and a another duelist said that a true duelist would accept every challenge as Ai attempt to read more Yusaku told him that's enough Ai then teases him that he is worried and upset As Yusaku notices Aoi trying to approach him he then told Ai to be queit as she is here.Aoi then bumped into Yusaku and said good morning to him Yusaku and he also greeted her in return Ai then greeted the AI program at Aoi's duel disk but she gave a angry response and angrily told him to stop acting as if they were friends Ai then realizes that something is wrong. As Yusaku and Aoi walk to school she then asked him why did he joined the Duel Club not realizing that he loves dueling.Yusaku then asked to her what Naoki said about her brother that day.Aoi then assumed that Yusaku wanted a new equipment at SOL and told him that people only approach her to ask her brother that they wanted a new duel disk or a job at SOL after graduation.She told him to not to try as her brother won't trust her and then ran off.Ai then told to Yusaku to hold off he wanted to talk with him for a minute but Yusaku angrily told him to be quiet much to Ai's annoyance.

As Yusaku goes to class Ai then told him to hold up the former then scolded the latter for being too loud.Ai then told to Yusaku that a Knight of Hanoi has showed up in LINK VRAINS much to Yusaku's suprise.Later at class Aoi then recieved a message from Playmaker that he accepted her challenge (Which was actually send by Ai) she then excused the teacher that she wanted to go to infirmary but instead she went on the rooftop to logg in while Yusaku went to the Duel Club balcony to logg in.

As Playmaker arrived in LINK VRAINS he then asked Ai where is Hanoi Ai then told him to look front and he was suprised to see Blue Angel.she then told him that he finally accepted her challenge Playmaker was intially obvious to it and Blue Ange told him to not to play dumb because he send the message that he wanted to duel her.Playmaker then realizes that Ai send a text message to her and he was angered thinking that Ai had tricked him.Ai told him he isn't tricking him and he then sense that Blue Angel had a Hanoi card in her deck.Playmaker then ask to Ai why would Blue Angel join Hanoi Ai then told him that Hanoi are using her to lure him out.Playmaker was suprised that he never thought of her as a enemy but was willing to duel her.

As Playmaker and Blue Angel was about to beign their speed duel the MC then declared that the legendary duel of LINK VRAINS Playmaker and Blue Angel has finally began much to the suprise of Shoichi until a customer interuppted him and order hot dog and french fries and Shoichi told her to wait and wonder why is Yusaku doing this.Meanwhile at class Naoki wondered where did Yusaku go and was angered that he was ditching class.He then turned his note pad on and saw Playmaker dueling against Blue Angel and he got excited and screamed this is getting real a teacher then scolded him to be queit and Naoki apologized to her and he then muses to himself that Playmaker vs Blue Angel is like a dream come true and is going to be awsome.

Playmaker and Blue Angel then yelled Speed Duel the MC then declared that the duel is getting started.Blue Angel fans then got excited and cheering for her name.Blue Angel got excited as the audience were cheering for her and yelled that the real duel is getting started.

Featured Duel: Blue Angel vs. Unnamed Duelist

Duel is shown from an unspecified turn.

Blue Angel's turn
"Trickstar Holly Angel" attacks Blue Angel's opponent directly (unnamed Duelist: 300 → 0 LP).

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Yusaku Fujiki
Blue Angel (Aoi Zaizen)


  1. This card is given to Aoi by Specter.

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