Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship 2006: Game Glitches

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  • You can't clear the game (the last booster is unattainable) because the "Huge Revolution" challenge in the Theme Duel menu has a glitch - even if you win the Duel after successfully activating that card, the game will register as you did not successfully activate it.
  • When you activate "Elemental Hero Erikshieler's" effect while there is a Fusion Monster removed from play, all the Fusion Monsters removed from play are sent to your Main Deck instead of your Extra Deck.
  • In the Theme Duel "Token", you can achieve it having Summoned only 10 Tokens.

Incorrect Names

  • "Shrink" is known as "Collapse".
  • "Five-Headed Dragon" is known by its original Japanese Name, "F.G.D." (Five God Dragon).
  • "Canyon" is known by its original Japanese Name, "Fault Zone".

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