This is the ninth downloadable Duel Puzzle for Over the Nexus.

Initial Setup


1000 LP




Extra Deck


5200 LP




  1. Activate Salvage, retrieving Cloudian - Turbulence and Cloudian - Storm Dragon.
  2. Banish 1 Cloudian - Smoke Ball from your Graveyard to Special Summon Storm Dragon.
  3. Normal Summon Turbulence. It gains 2 Fog Counters.
  4. Activate Storm Dragon's effect, placing a Fog Counter on Turbulence.
  5. Remove a Fog Counter from Turbulence to Special Summon Smoke Ball from your Graveyard.
  6. Discard Smoke Ball from your hand to Special Summon Fishborg Blaster.
  7. Activate The Transmigration Prophecy, shuffling in Salvage and Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier.
  8. Synchro Summon Formula Synchron using Smoke Ball and Fishborg Blaster. Draw a card.
  9. Repeat step 5.
  10. Discard Pot of Avarice to Special Summon Fishborg Blaster.
  11. Synchro Summon Gungnir using Formula Synchron, Smoke Ball, and Storm Dragon.
  12. Repeat steps 5 and 2.
  13. Synchro Summon Mist Wurm using Fishborg Blaster, Turbulence, and Storm Dragon.
  14. Activate Gungnir's effect, discarding Storm Dragon to destroy one Mirror Force.
  15. Activate Salvage, returning 2 Storm Dragons to your hand.
  16. Discard one Storm Dragon to Special Summon Fishborg Blaster.
  17. Synchro Summon Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier using Fishborg Blaster, Gungnir, and Smoke Ball.
    • Banish the opponent's remaining Mirror Force from their field, Battle Fader from their hand, and the Mirror Force in their Graveyard.
  18. Attack with all your monsters. (Opponent's LP: 5200 → 2700 → 0)

Note: You still can Special Summon your remaining Storm Dragon for 1000 more damage.

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