This is the eighth downloadable Duel Puzzle for Over the Nexus

Initial Setup


100 LP




Extra Deck


14000 LP





  1. Synchro Summon Wattchimera using Wattbetta and Batteryman AAA.
  2. Synchro Summon Watthydra using Wattberyx and Wattpheasant.
  3. Activate Wattcastle.
  4. Activate Recycling Batteries, reclaiming Wattpheasant and another Thunder monster of your choice.
  5. Normal Summon Wattpheasant.
  6. Enter the Battle Phase.
  7. Attack directly with Wattpheasant. (Opponent's LP: 14000 → 13500)
  8. Activate Foolish Revival, reviving the opponent's Darklord Edeh Arae.
  9. Attack directly with Wattgiraffe. (Opponent's LP: 13500 → 12300)
  10. Attack directly with Watthydra. (Opponent's LP: 12300 → 10800)
  11. Attack directly with Wattchimera. (Opponent's LP: 10800 → 9400)
  12. Activate Escape from the Dark Dimension and Special Summon Aslla Piscu.
  13. Attack directly with Aslla Piscu. (Opponent's LP: 9400 → 6900)
  14. Activate Interdimensional Matter Transporter, banishing Aslla Piscu.
    • Aslla Piscu destroys the opponent's monsters and inflicts 4000 damage. (Opponent's LP: 6900 → 2900)
  15. Activate Conscription and Special Summon Goryu from the opponent's Deck.
  16. Attack directly with Goryu. (Opponent's LP: 2900 → 0)

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