This is the fourth downloadable Duel Puzzle for Over the Nexus.

Initial Setup


2600 LP




14800 LP



  1. Activate both Gift of the Martyr, Tributing your Getsu Fuhma equipped with Darkworld Shackles and boosting the one without.
    • You take 500 damage for each Getsu Fuhma Tributed due to the opponent's Fatal Abacus. (Player's LP: 2600 → 2100 → 1600)
    • Getsu Fuhma's ATK increases (1700 → 3400 → 5100)
  2. Activate Deal of Phantom, boosting Getsu Fuhma (ATK: 5100 → 5300)
  3. Activate Fuhma Shuriken, targeting the opponent's Crimson Ninja.
  4. Activate Blast with Chain, targeting Getsu Fuhma.
  5. Activate Twister, destroying Blast with Chain. (Player's LP: 1600 → 1100)
    • Destroy Crimson Ninja using Blast with Chain's effect.
    • The opponent takes damage from Fatal Abacus and Fuhma Shuriken. (Opponent's LP: 14800 → 14300 → 13600)
  6. Activate Give and Take, Special Summoning your Getsu Fuhma in your Graveyard and raising the Level of the Getsu Fuhma on your field (LV: 4 → 8).
  7. Activate DNA Surgery, turning all monsters to Spellcaster-Type.
  8. Activate Diffusion Wave-Motion, targeting your Getsu Fuhma. (Player's LP: 1100 → 100)
  9. Activate Bait Doll, targeting and destroying the Set Mirror Force.
  10. Enter the Battle Phase and attack all of your opponent's Ryu Kokki. (Opponent's LP: 13600 → 10700 → 10200 → 7300 → 6800 → 3900 → 3400 → 500 → 0)
    • Remember that Ryu Kokki's destruction effect requires that it survive the battle afterwards.
    • Do not attack the Getsu Fuhma you summoned onto the opponent's field because you will take 500 damage and fail the puzzle.

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