This is the second downloadable Duel Puzzle for Over the Nexus.

Initial Setup


100 LP






9300 LP



  1. Activate The Sanctuary in the Sky.
  2. Activate Hecatrice's effect, discarding it to get Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen.
  3. Activate Valhalla.
  4. Use Valhalla's effect to Special Summon The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter.
  5. Normal Summon Herald of Creation.
  6. Activate Share the Pain, Tributing Herald of Creation. The opponent will Tribute one copy of Arcana Force 0 - The Fool.
  7. Banish Master Hyperion and Splendid Venus to Special Summon Soul of Purity and Light.
  8. Activate Jupiter's effect, discarding Dunames Dark Witch to Special Summon your banished Splendid Venus.
  9. Activate Miraculous Descent, Special Summoning your banished Hyperion. Splendid Venus prevents Royal Decree from negating it.
  10. Activate Hyperion's effect twice, banishing Hecatrice and Dunames Dark Witch to destroy the remaining 2 Arcana Force 0.
  11. Enter the Battle Phase and attack with all monsters. (Opponent's LP: 9300 → 6500 → 3800 → 1800 → 0)

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