Here is a list of cards in the starter deck for Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour. When the player starts a new game in Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour, the player are given questions. For all questions, you are given a deck containing 34 cards plus 2 additional Monster Cards, 2 additional Spell Cards, and 2 additional Trap Cards depending on the answers you give.


  1. "What power do you desire?"
    Sword: Giant Red Seasnake and Whiptail Crow
    Shield: Another Prevent Rat and Shining Abyss
    Knowledge: Copycat, Skelengel
  2. "What is your dream?"
    Spellcaster: Rush Recklessly and Stop Defense
    Soldier: Fairy Meteor Crush and Sword of Deep-Seated
    Scholar: Yami and Yellow Luster Shield
  3. "What will you test of yourself?"
    My intuition: Needle Wall and Waboku
    My destiny: Shadow of Eyes and Trap Hole
    My soul: Graverobber and Rope of Life


Nightmare Troubadour Starter Deck

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