Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour: Advanced Puzzle 03

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Advanced #03 Valley of the Amoebas

Activate Cathedral of Nobles.

Set Divine Wrath.

Flip Summon Ameba.

Activate Mystic Box, select Wall of Illusion, then select Ameba.

Activate Divine Wrath by discarding Creature Swap.

Activate Autonomous Action Unit and select Wall of Illusion.

Activate Monster Reincarnation and select Ameba by discarding Reinforcements.

Activate Abyss Soldier and select Messenger of Peace by discarding Ameba.

Switch to Battle Phase.

Attack opponent's life points with Abyss Soldier.

Attack opponent's life points with Wall of Illusion.

Attack opponent's life points with The Fiend Megacyber.

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