"Tomb of Shadows" is the thirty sixth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the fifth volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World manga.


Image Number English title Japanese title
Duel 37 Shadow Camouflage!! 闇の迷彩!!
Yami no Meisai!
Dark Camouflage!!
Duel 38 Aura Shield!! 怨念の盾!!
Onnen no Tate!!
Aura Shield!!
Duel 39 Return of the Priests! 神官団VS精霊超獣!!
Shinkan-dan Tai Seirei Chōjū!!
The Priests VS The Spirit Beast!!
Duel 40 Together Against the Darkness! 結束よ貫け!!
Kessoku yo Tsuranuke!!
Penetrating Teamwork!!
Duel 41 The Pawns of Memory! 記憶世界の「駒」!!
Kioku Sekai no "Koma"!!
The Memory World "Piece"!!
Duel 42 The Ultimate Shadow RPG! 究極!!闇・R・P・G!!
Kyūkyoku!! Yami Āru Pī Jī!!
The Ultimate!! Dark RPG!!
YGOMWDuel043 Duel 43 The Dark God Awakes! 大邪神降臨!!
Dai Jashin Kōrin!!
The Evil God Descends!!
Duel 44 The Mysterious NPC! 幻のNPC!!
Maboroshi no Enu Pī Shī!!
Phantom NPC!!
Duel 45 Into the Tomb! 王墓探究!!
Ō Bo Tankyū!!
Into the Pharaoh's Tomb!!

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