"Birth of the Dragon" is the thirty fifth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the fourth volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World manga.


Image Number English title Japanese title
Duel 28 Time Rewound!! 戻された時間!!
Modosa reta Jikan!!
Duel 29 Shadows Fall!! 訪れた闇!!
Otozureta Yami!!
Visiting Darkness!!
Duel 30 The Birth of the Millennium Items!! 千年宝物の誕生!!
Sennen Takaramono no Tanjō!!
The Birth of the Millennium Treasure!!
Duel 31 Ripples in the Shadows 闇の波紋
Yami no Hamon
Ripples of Darkness
Duel 32 The White Dragon Awakes! 白き龍の目覚め!!
Shiroki Ryū no Mezame!!
Awakening of the White Dragon!!
Duel 33 The Vessel of the White Dragon 白き龍の器
Shiroki Ryū no Utsuwa
The Vessel of the White Dragon
Duel 34 The Pharaoh Returns! ファラオ発見!!
Farao Hakken!!
Finding the Pharaoh!!
Duel 35 The Village of Ghosts!! 死霊の村!!
Shiryō no Mura!!
Duel 36 The Spirit Beast!! VS精霊超獣ッ!!
Bāsasu Seirei Chōjūtsu!!
VS the Spirit Beast!!

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