"The Return of Bakura" is the thirty fourth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the third volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World manga.


Image Number English title Japanese title
YGOMWDuel019 Duel 19 Bakura Lives! 盗賊王バクラ生還!!
Bakura Seikan
Bakura's Return
YGOMWDuel020 Duel 20 Out of the Darkness 神殿夜襲!!
Shinden Yashū
Attack the Shrine at Night
YGOMWDuel021 Duel 21 Assault on the Palace 迎撃の王宮!!
Geigeki no Ōkyū
The Shrine Being Attacked
YGOMWDuel022 Duel 22 Slifer vs. Diabound 天空竜vs精霊獣
Oshirisu bāsasu Diabaundo
Osiris vs. Diabound
YGOMWDuel023 Duel 23 Divine Light, Divine Shadow 天の雷vs天の闇!!
Ten no Ikazuchi bāsasu Ten no Yami
God of Thunder vs. God of Darkness
Duel 24 Surprise Attack! Power Attack! 奇襲!!強襲!!
Kishū!! Kyōshū!!
Duel 25 To Pierce the Darkness! 闇を切り裂く力!!
Yami wo Kirisaku Chikara!!
Duel 26 The Summoning of Ra! 太陽神降臨!!
Taiyō Shin Kōrin!!
The Sun God Descends!!
Duel 27 Ruler of Shadows!! 闇の支配者!!
Yami no Shihaisha!!
Ruler of Darkness!!

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