"Magician's Genesis" is the thirty third volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the second volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World manga.


Image Number English title Japanese title
Duel 10 In the Name of the Gods 神の名のもとに
Kami no Na no Moto ni
Duel 11 The Supreme Blow! 至高の鉄槌!!
Shikō no Tettsui!!
Duel 12 Search for the Pharaoh's Name! 王の名を探し!!
Ō no Na wo Sagashi!!
Duel 13 The Ancient Duel!! 古の決闘!!
Inishie no Kettō!!
The Ancient Duel!!
Duel 14 A Wizards' Battle 魔術師の闘い!!
Majutsu-shi no Tatakai!!
Battle Against the Magician!!
Duel 15 Dark Genesis 黒き奥義!!
Kuroki Ōgi!!
The Black Secret!!
Duel 16 The Invisible Door 見えない扉を開けよ!!
Mienai Tobira wo Akeyo!!
Open the Invisible Door
Duel 17 Tears in the Nile ナイルに流る涙
Nairu ni Nagareru Namida
Duel 18 Ka Hunt!! 魔物狩り!!
Mamono Kari!!
Demon Hunt!!

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