"The World Of Memory" is the thirty second volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the first volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World manga.


Image Number English title Japanese title
YGOMWDuel001 Duel 1 The Millennium Treasure 千年の秘宝!!
Sennen no Hihou!!
The Millennium Treasure!!
YGOMWDuel002 Duel 2 A Sleepless Night 胸騒ぎの夜!
Munasawagi no Yoru!
YGOMWDuel003 Duel 3 Mystery of the the Artifact!! 超古代遺物アーティファクトの真実!!
Ātifakuto no Shinjitsu!!
Truth of the Artifact!!
YGOMWDuel004 Duel 4 Voyage into Memories 記憶への旅へ!!
Kioku-e no Tabi-e!!
Voyage into Memories!!
YGOMWDuel005 Duel 5 The Six Chosen Priests 選ばれし6神官
Erabareshi Roku-shinkan
The Six Chosen Priests
YGOMWDuel006 Duel 6 The Evil Shadow 邪悪なる影
Jaakunaru Kage
YGOMWDuel007 Duel 7 Bakura, King of Thieves 盗賊王バクラ!!
Tōzokuō Bakura!!
Bakura, King of Thieves!!
YGOMWDuel008 Duel 8 Diabound vs. Galestgoras 精霊獣ディアバウンドVS魔物ガレストゴレス!!
Diabaundo Bāsasu Garesutogoresu
Diabound VS Galestgoleth
YGOMWDuel009 Duel 9 The Father's Shadow 父の影
Chichi no Kage
The Father's Shadow

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