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This is a listing of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX volumes.

Cover Number Names
YU-GI-OH! GX Manga - Volume 1 (English) Volume 1 Japanese name 新HERO登場!!
Translated Japanese name A New Hero Appears!!
English name A New Hero!!
YU-GI-OH! GX Manga - Volume 2 (English) Volume 2 Japanese name 運命の出会い!!
Translated Japanese name The Meeting of Fate!!
English name A Meeting with Destiny!!
YU-GI-OH! GX Manga - Volume 3 (English) Volume 3 Japanese name 予選終了!!
Translated Japanese name End of the Preliminary Rounds!!
English name The First Round Ends!!
YG04-PromoEN Volume 4 Japanese name 準決勝、開始!!
Translated Japanese name Semifinals, Start!!
English name The Semifinals Begin!!
YU-GI-OH! GX Manga - Volume 5 (English) Volume 5 Japanese name 最強のHERO!!
Translated Japanese name The Greatest Hero!!
YU-GI-OH! GX Manga - Volume 6 (English) Volume 6 Japanese name カイザー亮!!
Translated Japanese name Kaiser Ryo!!
English name Kaiser!!
YG07-PromoEN Volume 7 Japanese name キングの実力!!
Translated Japanese name The King's True Power!!
English name King Atticus' True Power!!
YG08-PromoEN Volume 8 Japanese name 変身vs幻影!!
Translated Japanese name Masked vs. Vision!!
English name Masked Hero vs. Vision Hero!!
YU-GI-OH! GX Manga - Volume 9 (English) Volume 9 Japanese name 激闘の果てに…
Translated Japanese name At the End of the Fierce Battle...
English name Beyond the Struggle...

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