This is an incomplete listing of character's Deck Recipes from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2, but this should help, as it is being updated with all character's recipes, as we get them. As of now, Jaden Yuki's, Syrus Truesdale's, Alexis Rhodes', Aster Phoenix's, Sartorius' and Jesse Anderson's deck recipes are complete. With the last updates, also Chazz Princeton's and Tyranno Hassleberry's deck recipes have been completed.

To use the Decks containing Forbidden cards, you must be using a banned card in your deck (to do this, you must have cleared the game with all Page 1 characters).

The note "(D-Card)" indicates the card is selected for "Destiny Card" and can is randomly drawn from among all the D - Cards when Destiny Draw is selected. If you have this turned off in options, then the Destiny cards do not apply. You also cannot Destiny Draw a card that you have already drawn/played.

You can also edit their default partner deck when you've already reached the 4th heart event. The note "(F-card)" indicates the card is his/her's favorite card, means that you can't remove it from the deck.

Jaden Yuki/Judai Yuki

Elemental Hero (Default Partner Deck)
Neo Spacians
King's Omen
Hero Beatdown
Super Heroes
Awesome Heroes
Mighty Heroes
Powerful Heroes
Great Heroes
Fantastic Heroes

Syrus Truesdale/Shou Marufuji

Me and My Roids (Default Partner Deck)
Awesome Roids
A Single Roid
Tandem Bicycle
Riding Together

Alexis Rhodes/Asuka Tenjouin

Cyber Angel (Default Partner Deck)
Cyber Ritual
Queen's Ritual
White Prima
White Prima Rev
Cyber Beauty
Cyber Princess
Cyber Fraulein

Chazz Princeton/Jun Manjoume

Go, VWXYZ! (Default Partner Deck)
Go, Ojama!
Chazz it Up
Romantic Chazz
White Chazz
White Chazz Rev
Love Chazz
Angry Chazz
Dreamy Chazz
Sad Chazz

Tyranno Hassleberry/Tyranno Kenzan

Great Dinos (Default Partner Deck)
Super Dinos
Awesome Dinos
Check This Out!
Dino Pair!
Shine on, Dino!

Aster Phoenix/Edo Phoenix

Destiny D (Default Partner Deck)
Fate D
Lament D
True Heroes
Fear Heroes
Cool Heroes

Jesse Andersen/Johan Anderson

Crystal Beasts
Divine Crystal
Crystal Miracle
Wild Crystal
Crystal Ally
Crystal Skill
Crystal Power
Crystal Era

Sartorius/Saiou Takuma

Arcana Destiny
Arcana Fate
Arcana Lament
Controlling Fate
See the Light