Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 164

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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 164


Japanese translation

The Inherited Cyberdark Dragon

Episode number


Japanese air date

December 5, 2007

Featured card

Jinzo - Lord

Japanese opening

Precious Time, Glory Days

Japanese ending

Endless Dream

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"The Inherited Cyberdark Dragon" is the one hundred and sixty-fourth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. It first aired in Japan on December 5, 2007.

Syrus takes up his brother's Deck to save the Cyber Style from the Psycho Style Duelist Makoto Inotsume. While training, he cannot get the Deck to function properly for him, but discovers something about Zane's heart condition in the process. Syrus ultimately combines the Deck with his own to form a new one, and uses it in his confrontation with Inotsume.


After collapsing during his Duel with Makoto Inotsume, Zane is in Duel Academy's infirmary, receiving surgery. Both his brother Syrus and Jaden anxiously await the result. Zane survives, but is again bedridden. He questions why Syrus stopped him, with Syrus responding he doesn't want to see his brother die. Zane reflects that he has already had the greatest Duel he possibly could - against Yubel in the alternate dimension. He states he gave everything he had in that Duel, but still lost. He claims that his Deck wanted to keep battling, even when he couldn't and that the Deck did not care about the limits Zane himself had. Syrus takes the Deck to begin training for his own Duel with Inotsume.

When Syrus starts his practice, he draws and gets "Cyberdark Horn". Syrus summons it and then draws again, but he gets "Photon Generator Unit". Syrus notes in his mind that the Deck isn't responding properly. A shock then runs through Syrus' body, causing him to fall down on his knees. Syrus realizes everytime he plays or draws a card, a shock will enter his body. As soon as he removes the Deck from his Duel Disk, the pain vanishes. Syrus determines that Zane's heart condition did not come from his use of electrodes, but from the Deck itself, which is why the "Cyberdark" were said to be a "forbidden Deck" of the Cyber Style. In the forest, Inotsume is also training. He has three "Jinzo Returners" around him, and comments that he has yet to unveil the ultimate monster of the Psycho Style.

Syrus continues his training, and determines that at the rate he's going, he'll never learn to use the Deck properly. Jaden arrives, and gives Syrus some sandwiches from the card shop. Syrus claims the Deck will never respond to him, because he is not his brother. Jaden agrees, saying the Deck can tell that Syrus is not Zane. Syrus asks for advice, and Jaden responds that he needs to ask the Deck what it wants, and suggests he mix his own Deck with it. He shouldn't abandon his own Deck. Thinking about this, Syrus opens another sandwich and it ends up being the Golden Eggwich.

On the night of the Duel, Syrus meets Inotsume on the beach, with the latter saying he's expecting a lot of Syrus, being the brother of Zane. The Duel begins, and Syrus does quite well, successfully using both "Power Wall" and "Fusion Guard" to avoid taking any damage. He also manages to activate "Rebirth Judgment", turning all monsters in the Graveyards into Dragon-Types, successfully circumventing Inotsume's "DNA Erasure Magic". He uses "Cyberdark Impact!" to Summon "Cyberdark Dragon" after having sent its components to the Graveyard via "Power Wall". He equips it with the "Cyber End Dragon" that was sent to his Graveyard via "Fusion Guard". However, Inotsume had predicted this and activates "Crush Card Virus", destroying "Cyberdark Dragon" and crippling Syrus' hand and Deck for three turns.

At this point, Jaden arrives, pushing Zane in his wheelchair. Zane comments that Syrus really is using his Deck surprisingly well, with Jaden responding that he is not using Zane's Deck. Inotsume Summons the most powerful monster in the Psycho Style arsenal - "Jinzo - Lord". It destroys face-up Traps rather than simply negating them, and it can be used to check face-down cards and destroy them if they are Traps. With Syrus' field bare, Inotsume believes he's won, but Syrus uses the effect of the "Kiteroid" in his Graveyard to reduce the damage from the ATK of "Jinzo - Lord" to zero. Zane comments that that card wasn't in his Deck and Jaden reiterates that Syrus isn't using Zane's Deck. Inotsume activates "Trap Request", which will allow him to select a Trap from Syrus' Deck and Set it each turn. It can't be activated that turn, and if its removed from the field, Syrus will take 1000 damage. He plans to destroy it via the effect of "Jinzo - Lord" to win the Duel. If that fails, he also has "Nobleman of Extermination" in his hand, which would also remove the card and allow him to win.

Syrus draws "Dragonroid", realizing he can use it to win and surpass his brother as a Duelist. It's sent to the Graveyard due to the Lingering Effect of "Crush Card Virus", but it is treated as a Dragon-Type monster while in the Graveyard. Syrus first activates "Remove Bomb", removing the top five cards of his Deck from play, including the three "Cyberdark" monsters. He then plays "Spell Economics" and "Dimension Fusion" to Summon them back without any Life Point cost. Syrus then finishes with his signature card, "Power Bond", forming "Cyberdark Dragon". Syrus comments he knows what the Deck wants - it wants to evolve and grow just as the Duelist does; as he does so, cards he hasn't used this Duel appear in the background behind him. Equipped with the "Dragonroid" from his Graveyard and receiving a further boost from "Power Bond" and all other monsters in his Graveyard, the ATK of "Cyberdark Dragon" rises to 5800, allowing it to destroy "Jinzo - Lord" and win Syrus the Duel before the effect of "Trap Request" could be used in Inotsume's Standby Phase. As Syrus stands victorious, he hears someone applauding and sees that it is Zane. (Jaden has slipped away to leave the brothers alone).

Syrus attempts to give Zane his cards back, but Zane tells him to keep them - he's earned them. He states he'll start from the beginning with a new, Evolving Deck. Zane invites Syrus to join him in the Pro League after graduation and his own recovery. Syrus accepts, now having grown and discovered the path he wishes to take.

Featured Duel - Syrus Truesdale vs. Makoto Inotsume

Turn 1: Syrus
Syrus Summons "Cyber Phoenix" (1200/1600) in Attack Position and Sets 3 cards.

Turn 2: Inotsume
Inotsume Summons "Jinzo - Returner" (600/1400) in Attack Position. "Jinzo - Returner" attacks directly using its own effect but Syrus activates "Power Wall", sending the top 6 cards on his Deck ("Cyberdark Keel", "Cyberdark Edge", "Cyberdark Horn", "Kiteroid", "Steamroid" and "Drillroid") to the Graveyard, and as such, reducing the Battle Damage to 0. Inotsume Activates "Psychic Wave", sending "Jinzo" from his Deck to the Graveyard so that "Jinzo - Returner" can inflict 600 damage to Syrus but Syrus activates "Fusion Guard": This negates the effect of "Psychic Wave" and sends 1 random card from Syrus's Fusion Deck to the Graveyard (revealed to be "Cyber End Dragon").Inotsume Sets a card and activates "DNA Erasure Magic" and declares Dragon for its effect: Now, any Dragon-Type monster will be removed from play instead of being sent to the Graveyard.

Turn 3: Syrus
Syrus activates his face-down "Rebirth Judgment" and declares Dragon: Now, all monsters in either player's Graveyard are treated as Dragon-Type monsters as long as "Rebirth Judgment" is face-up. He then activates "Cyberdark Impact!", returning "Cyberdark Keel", "Cyberdark Edge", and "Cyberdark Horn" from his Graveyard to his Deck to Fusion Summon "Cyberdark Dragon" (1000/1000). He equips "Cyberdark Dragon" with the "Cyber End Dragon" in his Graveyard, giving it 4000 more ATK (1000 → 5000/1000). It also gains 300 more ATK, due to 3 other monsters in his Graveyard. (5000 → 5300/1000) Inotsume activates "Crush Card Virus", Tributing "Jinzo - Returner" and destroying "Cyberdark Dragon", since its ATK was higher than 1500. Also, any monster that Syrus draws in the next three turns will be destroyed if it has 1500 or more ATK. Due to the Lingering effect of "Crush Card Virus", Syrus must also play with his hand revealed to Makoto for the next 3 turns. His hand currently contains "Remove Bomb" and "Dimension Fusion". Neither card is a monster, so he keeps both. The effect of "Jinzo - Returner" activates, Special Summoning "Jinzo" (2400/1500) from Inotsume's Graveyard. The effect of "Jinzo" activates, negating the effects of all face-up Trap Cards and preventing any face-down Traps from activating, so the effect of "Rebirth Judgment" is no longer applied. Syrus switches "Cyber Phoenix" to Defense Position and ends his turn.[Notes 1]

Turn 4: Inotsume
Inotsume Summons "Drillago" (1600/1100) in Attack Position and sends "Jinzo" to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Jinzo - Lord" (2600/1600), whose effect prevents the use of Trap Cards. "Jinzo - Lord" attacks and destroys "Cyber Phoenix", whose effect lets Syrus draw 1 card when it is destroyed in battle. "Drillago" attacks Syrus directly (Syrus: 4000 → 2400 LP). He activates the effect of "Jinzo - Lord", destroying "Rebirth Judgment" and inflicting 300 damage to Syrus (Syrus: 2400 → 2100 LP).

Turn 5: Syrus
Syrus draws, and due to the Lingering effect of "Crush Card Virus", he must reveal that card to Inotsume. It is "Spell Economics", and since it is not a monster, he adds it to his hand. He Passes his turn. 1 turn has passed since the activation of "Crush Card Virus".

Turn 6: Inotsume
"Jinzo - Lord" attacks Syrus directly, but Syrus reduces the damage from "Jinzo - Lord's" attack to 0 with the effect of the "Kiteroid" in his Graveyard. "Drillago" attacks Syrus directly (Syrus: 2100 → 500 LP). Inotsume activates "Trap Request": Now, during each of Inotsume's Standby Phases, he can select 1 Trap Card from Syrus's Deck and set it face-down in his Spell & Trap Card Zone. The Trap Card set by this card's effect cannot be activated, and if it is removed from the field, Syrus will take 1000 damage.

Turn 7: Syrus
Syrus draws "Dragonroid" (2900/1000), and due to the Lingering effect of "Crush Card Virus", it is immediately destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, as its ATK is higher than 1500. He Activates "Remove Bomb": The 5 top cards of Syrus's Deck are removed from play, and Makoto takes 300 damage for each monster removed. "Cyberdark Keel", "Cyberdark Horn", "Cyberdark Edge", "Polymerization" and "Mystical Space Typhoon" are removed from play (Makoto: 4000 → 3700 → 3400 → 3100 LP). Syrus then activates "Spell Economics": Syrus does not have to pay Life Points to activate a Spell Card. He then activates "Dimension Fusion": Due to "Spell Economics", Syrus does not have to pay 2000 Life Points, but now, he can Special Summon "Cyberdark Keel", "Cyberdark Horn" and "Cyberdark Edge" from his Removed from Play Zone. After that he activates "Power Bond": sending "Cyberdark Keel", "Cyberdark Horn" and "Cyberdark Edge" to the Graveyard to Fusion Summon "Cyberdark Dragon" in Attack Position. Due to "Power Bond", "Cyberdark Dragon's" ATK is doubled (1000 → 2000/1000). Syrus Equips "Cyberdark Dragon" with "Dragonroid" from his Graveyard, since "Dragonroid" is treated as a Dragon-type monster while in the Graveyard (2000 → 4900/1000) via its own effect. "Cyberdark Dragon" also gains 900 more ATK, due to 9 monsters in his Graveyard (4900 → 5800/1000). "Cyberdark Dragon" attacks and destroys "Jinzo - Lord" (Inotsume: 3100 → 0 LP).

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Zane's Deck
Syrus Truesdale
Makoto Inotsume


  1. In the OCG/TCG, "Jinzo" would be destroyed at the end of the turn that it was Special Summoned using the effect of "Jinzo - Returner".
  2. This card can be seen at the bottom of Zane's Deck when he explains to Syrus about his Deck.
  3. This card can be seen at the bottom of Zane's Deck when Syrus looks at it and tries to figure out why the heart pains he felt were gone as soon as he took the Deck out.
  4. This card is drawn by Syrus when he was practicing using Zane's Deck.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 This card is shown in the background before his winning move.
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 This card is shown as part of his Fusion Deck when he activates "Fusion Guard".
  7. 7.0 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 7.7 This card can be seen in the air after Zane used the effect of "Power Wall".

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