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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 145





Shōkan Kyūkyoku Fūinshin Ekuzodiosu

Japanese translation

Summon - Ultimate Sealed God, Exodius!


The Forbidden Ritual, Part 2

Episode number


Japanese air date

July 18, 2007

English air date

May 24, 2008

Featured card

Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord

Japanese opening


English opening

Get Your Game On!

Japanese ending


Episode listing Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode listing (season 3)
Previous The Forbidden Ritual, Part 1
Next Conquering the Past, Part 1

"The Forbidden Ritual, Part 2", known as "Summon - Ultimate Sealed God, Exodius!" in the Japanese version, is the one hundred and forty-fifth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. It first aired in Japan on July 18, 2007 and in the US on May 24, 2008.

In his quest to release Exodia, Adrian continues his Duel with Aster, intent on using the power of Exodia to escape from Yubel's influence.


Echo willingly steps forward to be sacrificed by Adrian in order to release Exodia's seal during the latter's Duel with Aster. Aster questions how Adrian can claim to love Echo but still be wiling to sacrifice her. Adrian refuses to respond, and Exodia's hand appears and grabs Echo. Aster states he won't continue the Duel, but Adrian responds that they can't stop now - neither can leave until one of them loses. Adrian Summons "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord" and Aster comments that it's "a different Exodia". This card actually makes it beneficial to send Exodia pieces to the Graveyard - if all five are sent there via it's effect, Adrian can declare an automatic win.

Jaden comments that Adrian is just like him - they are both willing to risk everything to gain power. In the Japanese version, Aster specifically says that this isn't a sacrifice - it's murder. Adrian freely agrees with him - it is murder. Aster attempts to counter Adrian's strategy by playing cards that skip Adrian's Battle Phase, which would prevent him from sending Exodia pieces to the Graveyard. However, Adrian ultimately wins by playing "Rage of the Forbidden One", negating Aster's "Plasma Discharger". This allows him sacrifice Echo, win the Duel, and release Exodia - who becomes his servant. With Exodia's power, Adrian is free from Yubel's, and thus the Devil Arm fades away and is replaced with his own.

With Aster about to lose, he urges the rest of the group to flee before Exodius attacks. The attack hits, and Aster fades away as Jaden, Syrus, Dr. Crowler, Zane and Ojama Yellow barely make it out in time. Outside, Exodia slowly lumbers away, with Adrian perched on it's shoulder. Adrian taunts Jaden as they pass calling him "The Supreme King's cast-off shell" and "not worth Dueling". Adrian then vows to dedicate his future victory over Yubel to Echo.

Featured Duel: Aster Phoenix vs. Adrian Gecko

Turn 5: Adrian
Turn continues from the previous episode.

Turn 6: Aster

Turn 7: Adrian

  • As "Destiny Hero - Dogma" is still on the field, Adrian's Life Points are halved during this Standby Phase (Adrian: 900 → 450).
  • "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord" attacks "Destiny Hero - Dogma", with Adrian sending "Left Leg of the Forbidden One" from his hand to the Graveyard (4000/0). "Destiny Hero - Dogma" is destroyed (Aster: 1300 → 700).

Turn 8: Aster

Turn 9: Adrian

  • Aster activates "Plasma Roar", which can only be activated during the Standby Phase while he controls "Destiny Hero - Plasma". A Plasma Counter is placed on "Plasma Roar" after its activation. (Also, after 2 or more Plasma Counters are placed on "Plasma Roar", Aster can also send it to the Graveyard, which will allow him to destroy 1 monster Adrian controls and inflict half its ATK to him as damage.)
  • Sets a card.

Turn 10: Aster

Turn 11: Adrian

  • During Adrian's Standby Phase, "Plasma Roar" gains another Plasma Counter. It now has a total of 2.
  • Attacks with "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord".
  • Aster activates "Plasma Discharger", allowing him to destroy 1 Equip Card he controls and end Adrian's Battle Phase. He targets "Destiny Hero - Departed".
  • Activates "Rage of the Forbidden One": While he controls "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord", Adrian can negate any active card effects on the field.
  • Sends "Exodia the Forbidden One" from his hand to the Graveyard and continues his attack with "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord" (5000/0).
  • Adrian wins, as 5 differently named "Forbidden One" monsters were sent to the Graveyard by the effect of "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord".

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Aster Phoenix
Adrian Gecko


  1. In the TCG/OCG, as "The Ultimate Ritual of the Forbidden Lord" has, to date, not been released, "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord" requires one to return all monsters in their Graveyard to their Deck.
  2. In the TCG/OCG, "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord" gains 1000 ATK for each Normal Monster in the player's Graveyard, not each "Forbidden One" card.
  3. In the TCG/OCG, "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord" does not have an effect that protects it from being destroyed, either by battle or by the effects of Monsters, Spells and Traps.
  4. In the OCG/TCG, "Destiny Hero - Plasma" does not gain the effects of its equipped monster.
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