Yu-Gi-Oh! First Series - Episode 014

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Yu-Gi-Oh! First Series - Episode 014

爆破ゲームで 最悪デート


Bakuha Gēmu de Saiaku Dēto

Japanese translation

In a Bomb Game - The Worst Date

Episode number


Japanese air date

July 4, 1998

Japanese opening

A Yell of Thirst

Japanese ending

Even if You Break Tomorrow

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Next Eerie Woman!! Unable to Transform


When Anzu realizes that Yugi is her mysterious crush, Anzu invites him on a date to an amusement park, intending to put herself in danger to see Dark Yugi. While at the park's pool area, Anzu wears a light-green bikini that reveals her beautiful body, causing Yugi to blush and become very nervous. But she finds herself in real danger when a mad bomber challenges Dark Yugi to a twisted game of balloons and explosions.

Dark Yugi finally managed to defeat the mad bomber and rescue Anzu. Anzu is finally saved and she thanks Dark Yugi. Anzu says to Dark Yugi to continue their "date".

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