"Ra the Immortal" is the thirtieth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the twenty third of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.


Image Number English title Japanese title
Duel 201 Red Spirit 真紅き魂!!
Shinkuki Tamashī!!
Crimson Soul!!
Duel 202 Beyond Hatred 憎しみの先へ!!
Nikushimi no Saki e!!
Past Hatred!!
Duel 203 As a Friend 友として!!
Tomo to shite!!
Become an Ally!
Duel 204 The Monster of Victory or Defeat 勝敗を分かつ魔物
Shōhai wo Wakatsu Mamono
Beast of Defeat!!
Duel 205 The Entrusted Card たくされる一枚
Takusareru Hitohira
Entrusted Piece
30 110 Duel 206 Showdown in the Heavens! 頂上決戦!!
Chōjō Kessen!!
The Climactic Battle!
30 130 Duel 207 The Quick Attack Trap 速攻に潜む罠!!
Sokkō ni Hisomu Wana!!
The Swift Trap!
30 148 Duel 208 Slifer vs. Ra! 激突!!天空竜VS太陽神!!
Gekitotsu!! Tenkū Ryū Tai Taiyō Kami!!
Confrontation! Osiris vs. Ra!
30 167 Duel 209 Ra the Immortal 不死なる神!!
Fushinaru Kami!!
The Immortal God!!

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