"Duel the Lightning!" is the twenty eighth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the twenty first of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.


Image Number English title Japanese title
Duel 183 A True Duelist 真の決闘者
Shin no Kettō-sha
True Duelists
Duel 184 The Final Stage! 最終ステージへ!!
Saishū Sutēji e!!
To the Final Stage!!
Duel 185 The Hymn of Hell 地獄の詩
Jigoku no Uta
Duel 186 The Darkness of Death! 死の闇に堕つ!?
Jigoku no Uta
Falling into the Deadly Darkness!?
Duel 187 Cage of Fire! 灼熱の檻!!
Shakunetsu no Ori!!
Duel 188 Duel the Lightning! 逆境を貫く稲妻!!
Gyakkyō wo Tsuranuku Inazuma!!
A Bolt Out Of The Blue!!
Duel 189 God's Third Power! 神 第3の能力!!
Kami Dai San no Nōryoku!!
Duel 190 Phoenix Rising! 不死鳥 舞う!!
Fushichō Mau!!
Dance of the Phoenix!!
Duel 191 Light from the Future!! 未来への光!!
Mirai e no Hikari!!
A Light to the Future!!

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