"Evil Vs. Evil" is the twenty seventh volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the twentieth of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.



Image Number English title Japanese title
x100px Duel 174 Duel in the Dark! 闇の闘争!!
Yami no Tōsō!!
Darkness Conflict!!
As night falls, Ishizu gives her Millennium Tauk to Yugi. Meanwhile, Dark Marik returns to kill Rishid, but is opposed by Dark Bakura and the original Marik, who had implanted part of himself in Bakura when they allied initially. Evenly matched in terms of power, they begin a Shadow Game.
x100px Duel 175 Evil vs. Evil! 闇VS闇!!
Yami Tai Yami!!
Darkness VS Darkness!!
Dark Marik faces off against Dark Bakura in a Shadow Game where the loser will be killed. Dark Bakura is wary of "The Sun Dragon Ra," but Marik has a plan to combat it, vowing to right the wrongs he commited by killing both halves of himself.
x100px Duel 176 The Crumbling Darkness 崩れゆく闇!!
Kuzure Yuku Yami!!
Dark Marik faces off against Dark Bakura in a Shadow Game where the loser will be devoured by the darkness as they lose Life Points. Dark Marik is put at a disadvantage as he tries to draw his God card, despite Dark Bakura losing most of his Life Points.
x100px Duel 177 The Dark God is Born! 暗黒の神生誕!!
Ankoku no Kami Seitan!!
Birth of the Dark God!!
As Kaiba deciphers the second power of "The Sun Dragon Ra," Dark Marik demonstrates the horrifying "One-Turn Kill" in question against Dark Bakura.
x100px Duel 178 The Eve of Battle 死闘前夜!!
s**tō Zenya!!
Night Before the Deathmatch!!
With Dark Bakura devoured by the darkness, Marik turns to Ishizu for help. Meanwhile, both Kaiba and Yugi reaffirm their desire to win. Dark Bakura, meanwhile, has lived on through the fragment of his soul that he sealed in the Millennium Puzzle.
x100px Duel 179 The Dawn of Battle! 決戦の陽は昇る!!
Kessen no Hihanoboru!!
Battle of the Sun!!
The airship arrives at Alcatraz, where the Duel Tower to hold the semi-finals and finals is located. Rather than the use of a lottery to decide the semi-final match-ups, the match-ups will be decided by a four-way Battle Royale Duel.
x100px Duel 180 Cross Purposes! クロスする魂!!
Kurosu Suru Tamashī!!
Cross Souls!!
The semi-final match-ups will be decided by a four-way battle royal. The first two Duelists to lose will face each other.
x100px Duel 181 The Deadly Rebound! 迫撃!!追撃!!
Hakugeki!! Tsuigeki!!
Beckoning Attack!! Pursuing Attack!!
Kaiba taunts Yugi and Jonouchi, as he hopes to face Yugi in the semi-finals to fufil their rivalry and gain an advantage against Marik. Jonouchi, meanwhile, is torn between keeping his promise to Yugi and saving Mai.
x100px Duel 182 Eyes on the Target! 標的を見据えよ!!
Hyōteki wo Misueyo!!
Choose Your Opponent!!
Kaiba continues to manipulate the Duel, attempting to force Dark Marik and Jonouchi to face each other. Jonouchi begins to make a comeback.