"Duel with the Future" is the twenty sixth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the nineteenth volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.



Image Number English title Japanese title
YGODDuel165 Duel 165 The Future is Now 「未来」の始まり!!
"Mirai" no Hajimari!!
The Beginning of the "Future!"
Having defeated Mai, Dark Marik subjects her to a Penalty Game. Then the last Duel of the Battle City semi-finals between Kaiba and the eight duelist, revealed to be Ishizu Ishtar, Marik's sister, starts.
x100px Duel 166 Kaiba Declares War! 海馬開戦!!
Kaiba Kaisen!!
Kaiba's Outbreak!!
Kaiba and Ishizu begin the last match of the quarter-finals. Kaiba plans to wipe out Ishizu's Deck like he did against Yugi, but Ishizu remains confident that her victory is assured.
x100px Duel 167 The Chosen One 「神」が選びし者
The One Chosen by "God"
Kaiba and Ishizu continue the last match of the quarter-finals. Kaiba plans to wipe out Ishizu's Deck, but Ishizu not only predicts the strategy, but forsees that Kaiba will die by his God's own hand.
x100px Duel 168 The Waiting Grave 昏き墓穴
Kuraki Boketsu
The Twilight Cemetery
Kaiba and Ishizu continue the last match of the quarter-finals. Kaiba wipes out most of Ishizu's Deck, only for Ishizu to completely turn the tables.
x100px Duel 169 The Death of Obelisk? 巨神壊滅!?
Kyoshin Kaimetsu!?
The Giant God's Destruction!?
Ishizu has turned Kaiba's Deck Destruction strategy against him, resulting in his Deck only containing six cards. Encouraged by Yugi, Kaiba fights on, believing his only hope to win is to Summon "The God of the Obelisk."
x100px Duel 170 The Eyes of Memory 蒼い記憶!!
Aoi Kioku!!
Blue Memory!!
As Ishizu predicted, Kaiba Summons "The God of the Obelisk." Even so, he's a mere step away from total defeat, when the Millennium Rod activates.
x100px Duel 171 Shatter the Future 未来撃破
Mirai Gekiha
Defeating the Future
Kaiba sacrifices "The God of the Obelisk" in favour of his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon," and he defeats Ishizu, changing the future she saw with the Millennium Tauk.
x100px Duel 172 Out of the Past 過去の闇
Kako no Yami
Darkness of the Past
Kaiba has defeated Ishizu, but his victory is marred when he finds he can understand the horrifying Hieratic Text written on "The Sun Dragon Ra." Meanwhile, Ishizu reveals to Yugi and his friends just why Marik hates them so, starting after a foolish trip aboveground...
x100px Duel 173 The Clan of Darkness! 一族の闇!!
Ichizoku no Yami!!
The Clan's Darkness!!
Ishizu continues her tale. After she and Marik encountered Shadi aboveground, who warned of the tragedy that would soon strike their clan, they returned home to find their father brutally torturing Rishid. With Rishid's fall, Dark Marik emerged for the first time.