"The Power of Ra" is the twenty fifth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the eighteenth volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.


Image Number English title Japanese title
Duelist156 Duel 156 The Proof of the Clan! 一族の証!!
Ichizoku no Akashi!!
Witness of the Clan!!
Duelist157 Duel 157 God's Judgement! 神の裁き!!
Kami no Sabaki!!
Duelist158 Duel 158 Darkness Awakens! 闇の目覚め!!
Yami no Mezame!!
Awakening Darkness!!
YGODDuel159 Duel 159 One Duelist 決闘者一人
Dyuerisuto Hitori
One Duelist
YGODDuel160 Duel 160 The Dark Game!! 漆黒のゲーム!!
Shikkoku no Gēmu!!
Jet Black Game!!
Dueslist161 Duel 161 The Unbreakable Duelist 折れない決闘者
Orenai Dyuerisuto
Duelist162 Duel 162 Descent of the God! 神を降ろせ!!
Kami wo Orose!!
God Descends!!
Duelist163 Duel 163 The Rise of Ra! 神の目覚め!!
Kami no Mezame!!
Awakening of God!!
Duelist164 Duel 164 The Depths of Darkness! 闇の深み!!
Yami no Fukami!!

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